Forget cliche chocolate and tawdry underthings ladies, here are 50 seriously smart Valentine’s Day ideas for everyone you love, straight from our favorite wealth of information, Pinterest.
Read on and let us know which ideas are your favorite, and which ones you’re planning to use on February 14! From sharing plastic princess tiaras to pairing her pearls with your LBD, you both love all things sparkly. If your best friend plays Oscar to your Felix and you wish she’d just clean up her act, do it for her. In the BFF bible, the first commandment: Thou shalt be there for her through thick and thin.
Splurge: If you really want to spoil the special lady in your life, consider surprising her with a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. Under $20: For a little less expensive, but no less thoughtful gift, try a pair of these Agloves Touchscreen gloves.
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Host a chic brunch for your friends on Valentine’s Day, or the weekend leading up to it.
Buy this understated heart-shaped frame and add a great photo of your BFF, boyfriend, sibling, etc.

Break out your old Jenga set. Use a pen or thin marker to write different love-themed instructions on the blocks.
Whip up a batch of pink cocktails on the only day of the year it’s acceptable to admit how much you love them.
For this twist on the traditional Valentine’s Day gift, no money required—it really is the thought that counts. Whether she has a boy of her own, or especially if she doesn’t, you know what she really wants—bling.
There’s plenty of jewelry that says Be My BFF Valentine without breaking open your piggy bank. Give your best friend a helping hand as a Valentine’s Day gift and write her an IOU for something special, from organizing her desk, to making her breakfast in bed, to listening to hours of deconstructing her most recent dating debacle.
It’s hosted by Patricia Field, the birthday girl of the night and stylist for Sex and the City, so be ready to dress to impress. Click here to enter. Trust me, I made them for Sean the day after we first met & he has not left me alone since! But if you’re more “buy” than DIY, you can get great Valentine’s Day gifts for your best friend for less than $10.
You see Sex and the City the day it premieres, laugh about the boy you both had a crush on, share weight-loss tips, and more.

From PMS craving-cure to boyfriend-breakup cheer-up, you and your bestests could form a local chapter of Chocoholics Anonymous.
If a quick pick-me-up is more her speed—and yours—go for a laugh instead and give her Prince Charming.
These delicate earrings are from Candi Stamm, who makes it feel like every day is Valentine’s Day with her fabulous assortment of costume jewelry. So, whether you like to buy or DIY, take these Valentine’s Day gift tips out for a BFF spin. Present your loved ones with flower buckets, heart chocolates, T-shirts and ties, cell phone accessories and much more.Have a romantic February and keep showering your love upon those who deserve it the most.
One of my personal favorite sentimental art pieces is this map heart art that I made Sean for his trip to Maryland. Remember, on the day dedicated to love, you’ve loved your girls long before you discovered boys!

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