I swear to fucking god, I’ll break open your goddamn skull with your own stupid fucking baseball bat!!
Most adults think that nobody dates in middle school, but if you're in middle school currently, then you know that there's plenty of love in middle school. Don't tell her that the relationship isn't working harshly (girls get very emotional and can end up getting depressed for a long time).
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I see someone wants to fucking get their ass kicked before I even have to answer shit! I hope you enjoy firing squads, because I’m fucking sending one to your goddamn baseball field! It's okay to talk to them, but if you're constantly smiling and touching the other girl, then you're in for a lot of trouble with your girlfriend.
Boys- we can tell if you are just dating a girl to get some ass, or just cause she looks good.
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Make sure you know what she likes so you won't end up getting her chocolate when she turns out to be allergic to it! Besides that, you look really weak and I highly doubt you know the correct way to use a baseball bat against someone.

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