Each holiday season, Secret Santa gift exchanges are an office and workplace staple and sometimes even a friends and family tradition. You can go practical on teenage boys and get them an accessory that they can actually use on an everday basis. There's a gift giving rule that if you can't decide what to give somebody, go for something they can consume.
For older teen guys, especially those that live away from home and those who like camping or outdoor pursuits a swiss army knive is a cool idea.
I was about to notify the Secret Santa neo account, but while looking for his Santa Cruz avatar it dawned on me Old El Paso wouldn't be thrilled.

I got a moustache themed mug for secret santa last year after my shocking Movember effort haha. This type of gift exchange is a cheerful and fun way to celebrate during this festive time of year, and it’s a good way to control spending but setting a budget limit for the gift.
This will enable a teenage boy to stream music from their phone to the speaker and play music wherever they are (at home, friend's houses or in the car for example). We’ve rounded up 10 Secret Santa gift ideas that are stylish and surprising and best of all, all clock in under $20. 1 Jacks GameFor the fun-loving girl or guy in your group, nothing beats a good old-fashioned game of Jacks.

This will surely provide hours of entertainment and fun for them … and you, if they decide to share!

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