A small study conducted by a blogger on the popular website "hot or not" has shown that men preferred narrow no fat faces vs plump faces. Recently, Tom Junod penned a brief article in Esquire, declaring 42 year-old women to be the most attractive age for a woman. Regardless, the women who agree with Brenoff see themselves as diamonds in the rough, caged birds that whose songs are incredibly beautiful, but those infantile, privileged men refuse to recognize them as such. But all the other birds believe our songs are beautiful! Little and colleagues argue that there are sound reasons for a man's genes to nudge him into finding feminine faces attractive.
What the researchers found was that there was a statistically significant difference between how far the men pushed the slider across when they were asked about what women they'd find attractive for short-term relationships compared to long-term relationships (when I say a "statistically significant" difference I mean a mathematically real difference; the difference wasn't just the result of chance). Of course, if you're a female person with a somewhat masculine face - if you have a strong jaw, for example - I wouldn't worry too much about these findings.
Little and colleagues were trying to make a point about the maths of what evolution would predict about behaviour here, and, I guess their experiment provided a little evidence for their claims. In the end, an experiment that only asks male English undergraduate students (or random people on the internet) isn't really the strongest guide to figuring out what's in our genes regarding stuff like preferences for feminine faces. Obviously what size you’ll look and feel your best at varies depending on your body type and bone structure. Women who are fashion models (or who are exposed to photos of a lot of fashion models) often want to be fashion-model-thin. Although, interestingly enough, some women are cheating the system, using estrogen to signal to their bodies to store fat in their butts and upper thighs instead of their stomachs.
What this means is that being strong, active and eating well may very well matter more than your body fat percentage as far as your health goes. As far as overall musculature goes there’s a big discrepancy as far as what the vast majority of men find attractive (strong women) and what most women find attractive (thin women). The male ideal isn’t surprising since, as with all the other attractiveness indicators, it corresponds with what looks the healthiest.
Just to be sure though I tried to dig a little deeper, and I couldn’t find anything to dispute it.
They believe that this male oppression has led to men ignoring all of women’s positive qualities.
She mentions three female relatives of hers who apparently transcended the backwards muck of sexism and lived lives on their own terms, undefined by social convention and only concerned with their own well-being and happiness. Sorry, but singers don’t get to decide what their listeners will find pleasing to hear.
She’s awesome, intelligent and sexually attractive, just like all other women since time immemorial. To give a little background, Anthony Little is the kind of psychologist researcher who thinks in terms of evolution and what evolutionary theory  can predict about behaviour. Sure, English-speaking men moving a slider to decide what kind of facial features are most attractive do seem to prefer feminine faces.
Similarly, men who are bodybuilders (or exposed to photos of a lot of bodybuilders) often want to be bodybuilder-big.
Yes, rad genetics make this easier, but there are many attractive body weights, shapes and sizes (and goals). I mean, more hormonally masculine men are often harder and more chiseled than less hormonally masculine men, as higher levels of testosterone reduce fat storage in the face and body. Women hold onto more fat in their faces due to lower levels of testosterone, hold onto more fat in their hips and breasts due to higher oestrogen, estradiol and progesterone. Men usually have fascia more like regular stockings, so it’s very very rare for any dimpling to show through.

I mean the female ideal can be healthy too, especially in women with smaller bone structures, but even then it often isn’t as healthy, since having more muscle mass is generally great for you. There are a lot of studies showing that slenderness is attractive, but only through the waist. Also keep in mind that hotness is visual health, and getting strong is what promotes better body composition (more muscle mass, less fat). Apparently (aka this is a rumour) one reason why Brazilian women stereotypically have larger butts is because they do tons and tons of glute-specific exercises. Instead of being seen by men as beautiful, talented, intelligent and just about any positive superlative, women are often seen as ugly, mean-spirited and catty. She glowingly recounts single motherhood, serial monogamy and the elevation of careerism and materialism over all else. Brenoff is offended that man-children like Junod are just now admitting they find older women attractive, as women have been keenly aware how hot and sexy women of every age are.
Instead of claiming the mantle of aged womanhood and ushering young women into healthy adulthood, she is still on the outside, looking in on adulthood. They challenge men to rise above their immaturity and value women for who they really are: people who know more about their positive qualities more than any man ever could.
She thinks Tom Junod is immature, sexist and can’t appreciate the true value of women, which apparently only women themselves have the ability to discern.
The preference was especially high among men who were already in a steady relationship." And, of course, the UK's Daily Mail went there, claiming that "men are more likely to cheat with women with the most feminine facial features, according to new research. Evolutionary psychology is generally content to argue that the mathematics of evolution make such genes exceedingly likely, and to point to how other animals have courtship rituals that look really weird until you understand the evolutionary mathematics behind why the animals are doing what they're doing. But there's a whole lot of things about a person that make them attractive to men, and the femininity of the face is only one. Women tend to dig that stereotypically masculine shape because it’s indicative of good strength (broad muscular shoulders), good health (small lean waistline) and you can see it at a glance. Just like you can size up a man’s health in a split second based on his body shape, the same is true with women. Most women these days can’t perform a proper hip hinge, resulting in muscles accumulating in their lower back and quads instead of in their butts, hips and hamstrings.
Similarly, the fact that healthy men have less estrogen than women causes less fat storage in a man’s chest and hips. According to the studies I managed to dig up, most men (60%) are more attracted to a woman’s butt than her breasts. So fascinating that men are more than twice as likely to glance at your breasts before your face.
Generally in times when resources are lacking men gravitate towards women with higher body fat stores, of which boobs tend to be a good indicator.
Further, they believe that all this sexism leads men to only judge women by skin-deep beauty standards. Those goddamn sexist beauty standards!!! Further, Junod erred because women also feel intense amounts of shame about their age and its relation with sexual attractiveness.
She is still pretending she is some sort of cultural rebel, some elderly vixen who is chipping away at that glass ceiling erected by men to hold women down. A smaller jawbone and fuller cheeks are closely linked to a girl’s perceived attractiveness and are taken as an indicator of health, youth and fidelity, claim scientists from the University of Stirling.
To misquote what the Bloodhound Gang told us, "you and me baby ain't nothing but mammals, so let's do it like they do on the Discovery channel, especially since your face is so feminine". They had a specific prediction about behaviour based on the evolutionary maths: that when it comes to short-term versus long-term relationships, men would differ on how important feminine features would be.
With some versions of the faces, they asked the men to pick the ideal face for a woman they wanted to have a short term relationship with, and with others, they asked men to pick the ideal face for a woman they wanted to have a long term relationship with.

There's also stuff like the symmetry of the face (if you looked at the 'masculinised' female face above, like I did, and thought that it still seems pretty attractive, it's likely because it's utterly symmetrical), and, you know, the rest of the body apart from your face.
After all, we in the Western world are saturated with very idealised and heavily-photoshopped images of women - I mean, ads and pop music videos are full of women who are meant to represent an ideal.
The Daily Mail said that "men are more likely to cheat with women with the most feminine facial features, according to new research". Strong women are wickedly muscular in the hips and glutes, indicating fearsome strength and bone structure, and lean through the waist, indicating healthy levels of body fat. Very manly men thus stereotypically have faces and bodies defined by muscle, and it’s not uncommon for athletic guys to effortlessly maintain 8-12% body fat year round. You’ll still be super healthy and super attractive, just not disproportionately bunned. Here, it is obvious they ignore the inalienable truth that we will all grow old and, yes, youthful sexual attractiveness will fade.
Real men will find a woman in her 80’s sexual attractive, if they can only stop thinking with their wayward penises and follow their heart. So, considering how many differences between humans are just caused by culture, it's easy to see how the sexual preferences of English-speaking men in a civilised society could very easily be caused by cultural influences rather than genes. The first study used this paradigm with male undergraduate students at a UK university; the second study instead recruited men off the internet (though frustratingly, they don't provide information about where these men were recruited - my default assumption here is that they're the Facebook friends of the researchers). Some women have winning smiles (and you don't see any of the faces smiling in this experiment). It's easy enough for a teenage male to study the Top 100 Hottest Women lists in a magazine like Maxim or FHM and get a sense of what women he's meant to find attractive. But there is a point where you’ll start becoming less attractive to the majority of guys. While we find them fascinating though, we really don’t care much about how big they are.
This means that if these men's genes were actually pushing them towards wanting more femininity in short-term partners, they're more like very slightly nudging than pushing. And (believe it or not) many men very highly value stuff like personality, sense of humour, intelligence, and stylishness.
Feminists mutter darkly about how the patriarchy of our current society pushes a certain ideal of femininity as delicate, because it suits the patriarchy, and they might well argue that these ideals were what was on show in this experiment. The researchers asked about short-term relationships, rather than affairs, and they weren't asking married men if they'd cheat on their partners, just about their aesthetic preferences.
That’s not an option for women though, as your abdomen is already occupied by a uterus (and possibly a fetus!).
Additionally, the researchers found a statistically significant difference between the preferences of men with partners and the preferences of men without partners; men with partners had a stronger preference for feminine faces, though it's not entirely clear why this is the case. Rocking strong round glutes is often a natural byproduct of being a powerful healthy athletic woman. So - assuming these results actually indicate what men will do in a real-life situation, which is a big assumption - a particularly feminine face doesn't matter too much. It may well be that you have genes which specifically tilt your perception in such a way that (if you're male) you find feminine faces attractive when you're thinking in the short term. And of course, the researchers here were looking at the average male; plenty of men might find less feminine but still very female faces more attractive.

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