I suggested that, instead of tinkering with the female form, Playboy consider appealing to women by featuring men in the magazine. The sexologists Bergner profiles in his book are all working to peel back those cultural messages of how women should feel to find out what actually arouses them. Penis size really does matter for women — but men, it’s not what you think — as it’s all contingent on the duration of the sexual relationship.
It’s no secret some men are self-conscious about their size down under in the bedroom, despite the reassuring catch phrase “size does not matter.” However, men with a less than generous package may want to look away, as new research contradicts this popular belief — penis size does matter — but it only applies to one-night stands. To revisit the age-old debate and tackle whether penis size — length- and girth-wise — matters to women, Shannon Leung, study researcher and an undergraduate in biology at the University of California, Los Angeles, and her colleagues used 3D-printed models of penises to test their female participants. The findings revealed women chose penis models with slightly larger girth, on average, for one-night stands, compared to those they selected for long-term relationships. In the second part of the study, women were given one of the penis models and were allowed to examine it for a total of 30 seconds.
A 2012 study has given men mixed results when it comes to the importance of penis size for women. Men, penis size does matter, but it’s all contingent on the women, the type of sexual relationship, and the orgasm. Liz is a Senior Reporter at Medical Daily who is an outdoorsy sports enthusiast focused on sexual health, relationships and healthy living.

Meredith Chivers attempts to peek into the cage by sitting women in La-Z-Boy recliners, presenting them with a variety of pornographic videos, images, and audio recordings, and fitting their bodies with vaginal plethysmographs to measure the blood flow of desire. Men believe most women long for a mate who is well-endowed length-wise, but in reality, a longer penis could potentially bruise the cervix during intercourse. They recruited a total of 41 women to look at the models and choose their favored penises based on girth and length for different durations of sexual relations.
The participants were then asked to choose the same model from a bin of 33 3D-printed models, immediately following or after completing a 10-minute survey used to allow time to pass by. Women Who Prefer Longer Penises Are More Likely to Have Vaginal Orgasms (but Not Clitoral Orgasms): Implications for an Evolutionary Theory of Vaginal Orgasm.
Kim Wallen, who studies the sexuality of rhesus monkeys, the same species we blasted into space to test how the elements would affect human astronauts.
Women may experience some discomfort when the head of the penis hits the cervix, according to healthresearchfunding.org, which happens in women with a short cervix. Penises with larger girths tend to bring the clitoris closer to the vagina during sex, which is believed to help women achieve orgasms. The findings revealed women tended to overestimate the size of the penis they had previously examined, upon completion of the 10-minute survey.
The researchers found women who have frequent vaginal orgasms are more likely than other women to say they climax more easily with men who are well-endowed.

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