Whilst we’re all shopping for gifts for boyfriends or gifts for girlfriends this valentines day, have you ever stopped to ponder who actually was St Valentine. Legend goes that Saint Valentine was a romantic rogue, a love doctor, who stuck his neck out by ministering weddings for soldiers, who were forbidden to marry at the time. Its with that romantic rogue ethos of going against the grain, that this February the Bedlam team pondered what to do for valentines day and we have put together something very special. This gift is for a limited period only, CLICK HERE NOW to get your gift in time for valentines day! Please call my colleague on 0131 558 1919 and we’ll get you sent out a valentines day gift!

If you're at work, make a beeline for his desk and corner him there with the chocolate bar.
Meet Hinni, a wikiHowian from South Australia who has been active in the community for over a year. Your Valentines gift kit is perfect for paintballing for 2 or more of your nearest and dearest.
For hair, just go with whatever suits your fancy - flirtatious curls or sleek straightness. The goal here is to let him know you're interested without being pushy and getting a reputation of being a flirt.

Most long-term beaus expect more than just a funny card, but a Tinder date might get spooked by a dozen red roses.
Instead of that expensive bottle of cologne most girls go for, try a candy bar that's a little different (extra big, heart shaped, or whatever). As of Wednesday night, 15 of them still had some tables for two available (or walk-in space for stragglers), meaning there may still be time to arrange dinner with your loved one at one of Toronto’s top spots.

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