Let's talk about it a ton.In what must've been a joking reference to the voiceovers that used to begin each episode, Elena "wrote" a letter to Bonnie explaining what everyone had been up to all summer.
Guys if you didn't know this already, listen to me: Drinking someone's blood out of a styrofoam cup is basically the most disrespectful thing you can do.
We don't yet know what your deal was, but rest assured that as far as the campus police were concerned, you died of suicide and not those obvious vampire bites on your neck.

Just when it looked like Stefan was about to give in to Hallucination Damon's suggestions to become a monster again, Hallucination Elena showed up to talk him out of it.That's right Stelena fans, this was a big "HANG IN THERE" moment for you guys too. Stefan was clearly going to be using Elena as his constant, which portends a renewed romantic vigor once he busts out of this safe.
Mayor was talking about how proud he was of his daughter for, I don't know, living out of her car now, Silas interrupted and started yelling at everybody.And he bragged that because he'd shotgunned so much blood over the summer he was now very good at mass mind control.

And I like the mysterious college shenanigans, and just plum having a new environment to explore.

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