I need feminism because I saw a guy getting kicked in the balls for being rude to a girl and calling her a slut. I need Feminism Because I have hair ALL OVER MY BODY and I don’t want to feel ASHAMED or SAD for being like this. I need feminism because when i told my best friend that my ex raped me, she told her boyfriend like it was her story to get his sympathy and attention. I need feminism because another guild member was asked by his roommates if he was going to rape me because they could hear my voice when I had my headset on. The last time I wrote about relationships, I shared WHAT REAL WOMEN WANT AND NEED in a man.
So for those who made time to answer my question, in behalf of all the women in the world – THANK YOU! I think there’s something remarkably captivating when a woman is so in love with the Lord that her focus and priority becomes Him and the things that He wants to accomplish through her and in her life.

Most single men described what they like in their mate or partner as someone who’s “beautiful inside and out”.
Generally, men are also attracted to women who are physically fit, athletic and adventurous. Most artists like funny men Jed and Roy are attracted to women who can easily get their jokes and laugh with them. I believe that when a woman marries a man, she leaves behind a lot of her dreams and, in faith, exchanges them with something better than God has planned for her under the leadership and vision of this man. Yes, we may have a list (physical or mental list) of what we want and need in a partner and nothing is wrong with that.
Let’s start treating one another not as boys and girls but as men and women and children of God who needs to be valued and encouraged.
Women are more emotional (we want affection and tenderness) and men are more physical (in terms of their “sight” and activities).

They appreciate a woman who can take care of herself and who’s not allergic to sweat. And men loves a woman who can laugh, have fun, who can laugh at their jokes and who doesn’t take herself too seriously. And if you have any questions that you want to know straight from real men and women, leave a comment below or send me a message here. She is sensitive to God’s leading for her, her family and their needs, and even for other people.

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