Then say, "hey we should talk later, here's my number." He will like that you made the first move.
If you want to get a guy’s number and you have a natural sense of humor, you could make it seem like a joke. The good thing about this method is that you give him a hint that you want his number, but you don’t have to say it out loud.
However, if not, you could tell him explicitly that you’d like to contact him in the future and that you’d like to have his phone number.
Although you might think this is something kids do in junior high, in case you have common friends, you could ask them for his number. Business cards have been invented for a reason: for people to be able to get in touch with each other.
In modern times women don’t have to wait for men to ask for their number and there is also the possibility to call a guy without looking desperate. In case you find getting him to ask you out difficult, you should remember that there are some dirty little tips and tricks that will make it seem all natural and that the guys will never even notice. The last thing you want to happen is miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of the situation when a guy want to ask you out but is scared out of his wits to do it. It can be difficult and super scary to ask for a guy’s phone number, since guys can be hard to read and they often send lots of mixed signals. If the guy says you that he wants to meet you, you could mention that it will be easier if the plans change to have his phone number. There are plenty of different ways to ask for guy’s number and make it so you don’t feel weird or come out rejected. This is a good way to teach guys not to care to much and be straight forward and more info, 25% of girls rejected us or had a boyfriend! Although usually men are asking for your number, you can pull it off just as easily if you use the right approach.

If you wish to know how to get his number, you should just think about how men ask for your number and come up with something similar; if it works for them, it will work for you too.
You could say something like “If I had your number, I could share with you more of my wittiness”. When asking how to get a guy’s number, this is an approach to think about that is playful yet elegant in the same time. When it comes to how to get a guy number, you might want to give him hints that you’d like his phone number. This is something that no man could misunderstand and for sure he will give you his number. When it comes to how to get a guy’s phone number, you could mention that it would be a lot easier to make plans if you had his phone number. In this case you could suggest an exchange of numbers: you give him number and he gives you his.
This is one of the easiest ways to get a guy’s number, but you have to be sure you won’t seem like a stalker. If this is not a possibility, when you call him, you should present yourself, tell him where you met and who gave you his number. If you’re asking how not to appear desperate, you should make sure not to give it up too easy or too soon or he will think you would give your number to just anybody. As you can imagine, men don’t like women who keep nagging them for their number, so you might want to give it a rest. But, if you know the right ways to ask for a boy’s number, you will be able to get his number very quickly! Ask him if he has a phone and then casually mention that maybe he wants to give you his phone number just for safe keeping. Another awesome tactic that I often use is saying something like ‘let me text you my phone number so you may text me back.’ It’s sneaky a little, but it absolutely works and the guy will not even realize that you’re asking for his phone number!

Most probably he will say yes and he will offer to give you his number without you actually asking him. If you are one of these women, you might be interested in cute ways to give a guy your number. Just say something like ‘if I had your phone number, it would be easier to share my wittiness’ and then smile and laugh.
The one thing that it’ll reveal if you use his number in this way is that you have stalked him a bit. If you give him your number, he will feel like he owes you and he will give you his number as well. Once he accepts, you will be able to see more information about him, maybe even his phone number. And if you have no idea where to start from, here you can read about some of the best places to meet guys.
It’s one of the best ways to ask for his phone number without appearing like you’re asking at all! Go party, meet hot frat guys or go talk to the hottie who sits in front of you in your psych lecture. This is the way to get the guy in case he is in a suit and looks very preoccupied with his job.
Erase his number from your phone so you don’t feel the need to text or call him, and on that note, delete all the text messages between the two of you. These things will only make you sad and girl, you ain’t got no time to be crying over one guy who wasn’t good enough for you anyway.

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