It’s hard to built a relationship when both of your minds are occupied with worry about what tomorrow will bring and how to get food on your table.
It turns into the lack of presence in the moment in the relationship as your mind is busy figuring out how to earn money to survive.
Be relentless in your self-development, self-discovery and the desire to change your life for the better.
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I Am More Than Just a GirlThe perfect gift for young girls as they enter those amazing teenage years. You Can Fight Back!Learn self defense from a certified trainer with a background in domestic violence and sexual assault. If you are just a few projects old in designing industry, you will obviously keep the prices lower than the established designers.
If you are lucky enough to take hold of a project, the initial requirements would be to send out a proposal with all the details regarding project. It is important for designer and client to have a good communication level so that all questions are answered in the beginning leaving no room for misunderstanding. If a client is trying to be over smart in front of you, I can assure you that this client will act as if he knows each and everything about designing.
Somehow we think that our other half isn’t capable of living without us, therefore we should teach them how to live because you know better. But never take it as your personal responsibility to coach and fix people whenever you believe that something needs to be fixed. Or you will spend all your time on lashing out at your partner because of the growing resentment towards yourself about the money situation. I’m sure your relationship will improve once you learn how to divide your attention and dedication to those areas in your life that need to be improved and taken to another level.

Without clients you are obviously nothing because they are the main source of your income so keeping them happy is very important. Although it can help you in getting new work but some clients will look down on you because of low prices.
Such clients are never happy with anyone’s work and that is generally because of unrealistic expectations.
Some clients are in a habit to nit-pick on everything and if a client picks out way too many mistakes in your proposal or initial ideas, it is time to move on.
Some clients do want an exceptional result from you however; they are not willing to participate in the project. If we care about the person we are in a committed relationship with, we will do just about anything to make things work smoother than they were, before the acknowledgement of the existence of a problem.
And you say that you could never live up to your own potential because of the relationship you chose to commit to.
Switch your attention to the areas in your life that are desperately waiting for your focus and ACTION. Clients who are confused and have too many expectations from a designer are difficult clients to deal with. If a client tells you that previous designer was horrible, do ask them a few questions regarding what they disliked  about your previous work. But, you should avoid working with the types mentioned above because gradually you will realize that it was not worth it. Yes, sure, it can happen while you are in a relationship, but what happens more often is when people get into a relationship they get STUCK in their personal development. If you are in a bad relationship and need to leave call the national DV hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or TTY 1-800-787-3224. If you have spent years in designing industry, you would obviously know by now that all clients are not good clients. You should immediately turn down a client when you feel that it is impossible to make this client happy or if you have an intuition that this client will not be an easy payer.

They will always tell you that your previous work was not up to the mark and hopefully this time you can put in some honest effort.
This will help you in analyzing if it was actually the designer who was at fault or if it is the client who was impossible to satisfy.
Delays are quite realistic and they can happen so if this happens once or twice, it is okay.
If a client thinks that figuring everything out is a designer’s duty because they are being paid, it is definitely a wrong approach.
Even if you try to make them understand the procedure of designing, they would still want their project designed in no time which is obviously is impossible. If you hear anything of this sort, do yourself a favor and turn down the offer from the client then and there.
So, if you want to save yourself from hassle, avoid working for clients with too many expectations.
If they paint a picture in front of you that every designer in the past was horrible, do not work with them because you do not want to be a new addition in their list. However, if you feel that client is just picking out on things for the sake of it, there should be no looking back.
However, if they are taking too much time in providing feedback or replying to your important emails, opt out of the project.
If you are a newbie, you obviously cannot afford to turn down an offer regardless of how difficult the client comes across because you are desperate to gain experience.
If a client takes more than required time just to sign the contract, consider it a warning and avoid getting into any mess by working with him.

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