Too risquГ©: Lillian La Matia says she despairs of the amount of flesh revealed by British women. Demure: Lillian says she struggled to find a wedding dress with sleeves when she married husband, Italian chef Gabriele, in 2007. The french woman isВ very confident,В sheВ knows herВ bestВ features and herВ flaws and lives in peace with herself. If you want to dress like a french woman forget about the trends and focus on your personal style. And last but not least there is one thing that french women do better than anybody else, they make masculine pieces look feminine which is the quintessence ofВ В their enigmatic french look.

Khloe Kardashian flaunts her side-boob as Kim shows off her bump in matching black dresses in St. After all it isn’t easy to look amazing in just a sweater, trousers, and a pair of flats, not for the non-french women anyway. My Favorite Goon Rondo- He didn’t get dressed at all, he reportedly left all of his clothes on the clothesline.
As well as covering her hair, Lillian likes her outfits to reach from ankle and wrist right up to her collarbone.
I'm not out to seduce people when I go to the shops.В  'Some people might say I dress like I'm Amish, but I always aim to be fashionable.

And she's on a one-woman mission to get the other women in Britain to stay - at least a bit more - covered up. I just don't need to show off my chest to do that.В  'I wear dresses because I want to be feminine.
The 34-year-old, from near Farnham, Surrey, who only wears flat shoes and never uses make up, says women in the UK could learn from her example.

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