To get her texting back and forth with you and make it so she can’t wait to get a text from you, you need to know how to text her in a way that grabs her attention and gets her excited.
And for that girl who has stopped texting you for whatever reason, you need to know when and what to text her so that she changes her mind and starts texting you again.
You need to know what the biggest mistakes are that almost all guys make whenever they’re texting with a girl they like, so you don’t blow your chances by making even just one of them. After reading this guide and learning how to flirt with girls with text, you’ll be able to get any girl who likes you enough to give her number to you – excited and wanting to meet you. Most guys screw things up at this point because their first texts to a girl are generic, typical, and boring.
If she’s feeling optimistic or happy because her day is going well, then she’s more likely to text back whoever is texting her.
But for a guy that she met a bar while she was out with her friends, or a guy from school, or a guy who’s a friend of a friend…these don’t usually get her texting back right away. These three factors are important to keep in mind when texting a girl because a big mistake that most guys make when a girl doesn’t him back, is that she’s ignoring him. If you met her at a bar, say something about the bar, or something that happened while you guys were out, or where you went after drinking. So however you two met, before texting her for the first time, think about what it was that brought you two together and how to bring it up in a way that is funny and interesting. Below are 11 principles to follow whenever you’re texting a girl you like so you make the most out of every text you send and also so that you don’t screw things up without even knowing why.
Most guys text girls with the intention of how they can get something from her, whether it be her attention, or her time, or her body. Emoticons are great things to use when flirting with a girl, because girls find them cute and fun to use during texting conversations.
If a girl is using emoticons when she’s texting with you, it’s usually a sign that she likes you.

If you’re trying to get a girl who has stopped texting you to start texting you again, then you’ve got to stay engaged. Making a girl feel guilty about not texting you back, will only increase the chance that she never texts you back. If you make a light hearted joke out of her not texting you, you’ll be showing her that you’re not holding any hard feelings and then she won’t be worried about texting you. And because you removed any negative feelings there may have been, she won’t feel bad about not texting you, and that’s when she’ll text you back. After texting sexual stuff with her for a while, it’s ok to ask for pics, but don’t get desperate about it. Listed below, are some of the most common mistakes that most guys make when it comes to texting girls.
Whenever a guy is texting only one girl, he usually gets into a scarcity mindset that causes him to get overly invested in every text that he and she sends to each other.
When you’re texting a lot of girls and not expecting anything from any one of them, you’ll have a more carefree and fun attitude about you that women will find sexy and attractive.
If you’re always texting her first, she won’t be that excited about receiving them from you, because she’ll always be expecting them. A good rule of thumb for texting a girl back is however long she takes to reply back to your texts, take twice that long to reply back to hers. The more guys a girl has texting her, the more often she’s receiving the same type of texts and the more your texts need to be different for you to stand out.
Get her thinking about you after you’re done texting, by telling her what you’re going to do next, or what the two of you will be doing together later. Set up your next opportunity to text her by saying that you’ll text again later about whatever it was you guys were talking about. If your texting and flirting with her was going really well and she’s interested in seeing you, then take things to the next level by asking her out.

If you find yourself doing most of the texting, or all the replying back, or all you’re getting from her are one word responses, then it’s time to stop texting. If you’re trying to think of something to say but not coming up with anything, then it’s time to stop texting.
And if you’re always the one texting first, and trying to move things along but keep getting a bunch of excuses, then it’s probably time to stop texting her for good.
The tips in this guide are here to help you get better with texting girls you like so that they stay interested in you, get more and more attracted to you, and want to meet up with you.
They’re also here to help you realize what you may be doing wrong with the girl you’re texting, so you don’t keep making the same mistakes. Keep these tips in mind and avoid making the mistakes the next time you’re texting a girl and you’ll see just how easy it is to get that girl with your texts. Hey guys i suggest you find girls that make you feel confortable and relaxed cause on the contrary, the fun may be for her but not for you, and you guys diserve to have fun as well.
I’m finding it difficult to keep conversations going and I do a lot of overthinking while texting. Know what you’d like to do with her, where you guys can go and when it’s going to take place. Unless of course, if after saying no, she offers up other alternatives, then find something else that you guys can do. If you’re ready to take your texting skills with girls to the next level and turn more of your numbers into dates that lead to sex, then watch this video to learn more. This particular principle takes advantage of the hilarity that is natural for the situation of texting a person you are standing right beside or next to.

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