Look, it’s very easy to get a guys attention, but after a while it can be hard to keep it. In order to really keep a guy interested, all you have to do is capture his attention for a split second but within that split second you have to be extremely desirable. Use these 21 tips on how to keep a guy interested, and you’ll see just how easy it is to keep his attention and his heart. Next time you’re going to run errands or out with your girls,В  invite him out of the house to join you. Despite watching countless UFC events and acting like a tough guy, he would actually rather avoid drama and fighting all together. Having sex in the same bedroom, in the same positions and eventually with the same girl can become very boring for a guy. Whether you're just starting out or you’ve been dating for years, there comes a time when we all feel like we're starting to lose the interest of the man we love. Right from the start, you want to know how to catch him and keep him, but this can be easier said than done (or so it seems). Just follow these five simple steps, and you'll be on your way to creating an endless spark and holding his interest for years to come. Whether it includes fun banter or leaping into his arms when he comes walks through the door, if you truly want to catch him and keep him, then make sure you're a keeper yourself. No matter what your day holds, make sure that at least once a day you show your man what he means to you. So, whether it's your smile, outgoing nature, or love of sports, make sure it shines through in something you do each day.
Perhaps he really hasn’t forgotten how special you are or maybe he hasn't even begun to lose interest, but if you're looking for tips to keep him interested to stay ahead of the game, putting on some sexy lingerie or learning a new move in the bedroom will never hurt your cause. When he comes home, show him the excitement in your eyes coupled with the slightest bit of mystery, and he’ll be way more than just interested (if you know what I mean). If it is getting to the point where he hardly notices you anymore, seems to not appreciate you, and isn’t interested in doing anything fun with you, perhaps it is time to plan a solo trip to your mothers or your best friends for the weekend. Obviously, it wasn’t near as amazing as it is now, but you have to let him figure that out on his own. Regardless of how you choose to keep your man interested, if he was interested from the start then perhaps the relationship is just a little stale.
Discover how to become your extraordinary self to attract men like you never would have thought possible! If you are attracted to older men and you want to date or have a relationship with one, you may be wondering how to keep an older man interested in you.
When you are dating an older man, bear in mind that they are more mature in their way of thinking than a young man.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. We’ve put together these 21 effective tips that you can start using as soon as today to see instant results. Every guy wants to be with the girl every other girl envies and that every other guy wishes they had. This opens up a window of possibilities when it comes to concerts and local shows in your community.
Every guy wants to bring their girlfriend around from time to time but doesn’t want to get any crap from his friends for doing so. Now not every guy drinks (okay almost all guys do) but if you really want to keep a guy interested, beer is the way to his heart. Guys definitely want a girl that looks good, but they also want a girl to communicate with. If you really want to keep his interest and earn his respect at the same time, throw a joke back when he throws a joke at you. Obviously, if you're looking for tips to keep him interested, then it goes without saying that you're already thinking about him.
So, one of the best tips to keep him interested is to remember what it is about you that he fell in love with. Now, let me say that this step should only be used as a last resort, and must be carefully executed (lest you risk losing more than just his interest). Not only will this give him room to miss you, but it will afford him time to think about what his life was like before you entered the picture. By taking a small break, either a weekend or a few days, he will begin to reflect on everything that you do and every way that you make him smile.
Simply make sure you're still “the catch” he fell in love with, and leave the keeping in his hands.
It is true that many young women find it very difficult to keep their older guy interested because there is a significant age gap between them.
In order to keep men interested and engaged, it is important to keep up the novelty factor about you.
Set up a picnic in your local park or take him to his favorite sports bar and front the bill.
Now don’t treat it like your matching with your middle school girlfriends, calling each other to see what you were going to wear to school the next day. Expand your music palette for yourself but also for him and you’ll see his interest peak. You don’t really have to like it, but do it because he likes to do it and you like him.

Buy him a beer when you two are out on the town or a six-pack when you’re staying in for dinner and a movie. You should only do this because you genuinely want to make an effort to get to know his family. Do this on some rare occasions if you feel like you aren’t getting the attention you deserve.
Guys are beasts who love to eat, so if you can feed him and showcase your cooking skills he’ll appreciate you a lot more. In the beginning stages of a relationship this is okay, but eventually you need to learn how to deal with your own problems.
So the best thing you can do is expand your sexual creativity, break down the walls and be open to new things.
But make sure that the ways you show him you’re thinking of him are ways that he can notice and understand. There's something special about you that no other woman can offer him (hence why he chose you from the start)! So, unfortunately, as a woman, you have to make that extra attempt to keep your man interested in you. Almost immediately he’ll wonder why the routine of you always being there has changed. If you are experiencing the same problem, here are some tips to keep an older guy interested in you. Most dating coaches would always advise you to wear conservative clothing yet attractive outfits when you are with your older man.
You need to make it clear that you are an individual with your own set of ambitions, interests and skills.
The roles will automatically reverse and he’ll be the one who wants to be there for you. You could guzzle beer with him sometimes instead of having a candle-lit wine drinking romantic dinner. Don’t abuse this tip or else it can backfire on you, some guys will consider this a game and will look for affection and attention elsewhere. So, if he wants to be alone or if he wants to chill out with his guy friends, let him do it. Your dressing shouldn’t make you look like his daughter when you both are walking together, so be sensible about what you wear.

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