Ask at least 5 questions about him when you talk; you shouldn't hog the whole conversation.
If you want to be closer friends with him, invite him out to the movies with a couple of your close friends (be sure to invite guys too to make him more comfortable). If you find out you like him more than a friend, also invite him to the movies with your friends. If you see that he's not really into the conversation, it's probably because he's not interested in you. If you get uncomfortable with the conversation or feel that something's wrong, trust your instincts and get out of there immediately.

Don't just go up to the guy and ask what his name is; mention something about him that you find interesting, and get into a conversation that way. Those are more casual than talking on the phone, and don't have all the cultural strings attached to "talking on the phone with a guy".
A guy most likely would rather not want to talk to you in a "whatever" mood if you just met him or you don't know each other that well. He might think you're desperate, so wait at least 30 seconds to one minute before replying.
It may take several months, or maybe even a year, for him to consider you a best or somewhat close friend.

Striking up conversations with people you've never seen before can be really fun and interesting, but it can also sometimes be dangerous. If he seems to want to go farther with you, invite him to the movies, just the two of you, and see what happens.

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