We put our creativity to the test and came up with six DIY Valentine gifts for your guy, including an edible gift (BACON) and a printable gift (for those of you who consider yourself “craft-challenged”).
My husband loves when we get out of the house and do things together, so I thought I would make some date kits for Valentine’s day. For the hiking date kit, I purchased trail maps, and added water bottles, granola bars, almonds and bug spray. And lastly, for the beach kit (if you live somewhere warm!), I added a beach towel, sunglasses, and sunscreen. If you want to give a gift to a sports fan that doesn’t require a ton of creativity, then a fleece tie blanket is the perfect DIY Valentine’s gift. There are several tutorials floating around the web, but I decided to make bacon roses the simple way (without having to drill into a muffin tin).
The video tutorial for this cute Valentine's Day gift for a boyfriend originally suggests that you write 52 things you love about someone on the cards.

You can also add a bit of extra Valentine's flavor by including sweet love quotes in some of the pages of the book. Finally, you can combine the ideas to make a Valentine gift book that includes coupons, love quotes and "what I love about you" sentiments. You'll want to see the steps for making this Valentine's Day coupon book, but below, I've included a list of supplies that you'll need to make it.
If you have an old deck of cards that you've been tempted to throw away, you can use if for this purpose. No matter his age, hobbies, or personality, he’s sure to love one of these easy homemade Valentine’s Day gifts.
You can make the V-Day book as intended or you can think of things you'd like to do for your boyfriend for Valentine's Day. This cookbook offers you a sampling of the best chocolate recipes for your book club plus an excerpt from a novel.

I was able to purchase a couple new items, but also just round up things in our home to fill the baskets.
These are cute Valentine's ideas for boyfriends, and because they are homemade, they add an extra thoughtful touch.
These books are really good gifts to make if you're stumped for something to do and want to make a homemade Valentine gift for your guy.
With a few bottles of cheap acrylic paint from the craft store, and a couple hours, you can create a masterpiece for the man cave.

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