Play tourist and spend the day doing something like explore a museum, watch a sporting event, attend a special event, get a couple’s massage, find a hole-in-the-wall restaurant that’s romantic, and bring your camera to capture the memories! There is no excuse to sit around and do nothing in your PJs all day just because you don’t fancy going out, or can’t afford it.
Challenge each other to have fun at home whilst working out –В  maybe see who can do the most exercises in the workout program that day. You might even be able to have popcorn or ice cream with the movie without feeling guilty about it.2.
Compete with each other to come up with the best recipes, or create the funkiest looking cookies.

Play a Game of Twister Advertisement Whether you play it outdoors under the sprinklers (for that extra chance of slipping), in the living room or in bed (yes, we recently saw bedsheets with the Twister pattern on it, but we are not making any dirty suggestions about it. Not sure where you’d put an artwork like the Twister board will run into after that, but for sure you yourself will turn into one in the process!4.
Do a Photo ShootWhether you want to catch each other around the house doing everyday things, pose dressed up in ballgowns or masquerade dresses, do a boudoir shoot, or just take silly shots of each other is entirely up to you. The important thing is to get together to have some fun and laugh in the process as, unless you are professional photographers, some photos will end up looking wonky, weird and wonderful.5.
Prepare your boyfriend’s favorite dish, pour him a bath and give him a massage, watch his favorite movie with him, or read aloud from his favorite book (Playboy magazine is not a book by the way, in case he wonders).

Play a Game of Truth or DareWhilst sipping wine and eating cheese, or some other highly sophisticated dish, play the highly unsophisticated truth or dare game – keep it sweet and innocent, learning more and more about each other, or dare each other to do not so innocent things. Chocolate truffles or chocolate dipped strawberries are another thing to consider nibbling on whilst in the bath.

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