Women , please stop Flirting , texting or calling a married man just to say " how's your day"! Some women feel that if a married man is talking to you, they must be bored with their marriage, and therefore they may leave their wives and live a happily ever after with you; that is not the mindset you should be having at all.
Flirting with married men can be fun maybe because they are already taken; therefore it may seem OK because it is just horseplay. If you are friendly with a married man’s wife and he made an inappropriate remark, that YOU personally thought crossed the border, do not tell your friend.
When you meet a man and you soon find out he’s married, yet you continue to pursue him, you are walking on dangerous grounds.

Remember, that you are going to hurt yourself more if you feed into the flirting while the man goes back to his wife. Everyone enjoys a compliment, but don’t feed into a deeper conversation with him because he will see you as single and ready to mingle.
Many single mature women feel flattered to have men complimenting them, regardless of whether they are married or not.
However, if you’re flirting with married men, you are feeding them the idea that you may want to spend more time together, in a physical way.
Avoid back and forth emails and texts with someone who is married, even if you think he is being sincere.

Do not forget that this man is married, and that he has a wife, and that you will begin to foster feelings if it continues, as well as ruin the relationship between the man and his wife. They may decide to reciprocate the compliment with the man, and engage in a flirty conversation. Bottom line is if he is married, you should not partake in further conversation with the man.

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