The pick up line is funny.But the lack of response and his lack of self-awareness is what's truly hilarious.
For some reason, we imagine this is what it'd be like if Nintendo's Mario had a phone and tried to pick up chicks via text.
My ultra-swave pick-up line begging for Lamborghini storytelling wasn’t said to the owner directly, but instead scribbled, along with my phone number, on the back of one of my blog business cards, and strategically placed on the tinted windshield. I promptly forgot that any joking and card placement had occurred, until Emily, an hour later, barged through my bathroom door as I was preparing for an evening out of country line dancing with the girls.

Fits of giggles in sued, and for the next 5 hours, Lambo and I conversed via text messages. Flirting with Zayn basically consisted of you being a total dork and him thinking it was adorable. Louis was the funniest person to text in the world, and you two flirting was all joking around.
They are pop culture savvy and super smart, and when they combine the two into a text, it is hard not to fall for them.

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