Often confused with visual novels are Dating Sims, which, while similar in presentation, take their own distinct form. Both visual novels and dating sims have a reputation for containing adult or pornographic content; in visual novels, such elements are often comporable to the "obligatory sex scene" found in many movies, while in dating sims, they may be a major selling point. Check out some of the sexiest women on the country music scene right nowWhen it comes to country music, there are some very hot performers with some simply amazing talent working in the industry.

Dating Sims are a subgenre of simulation games, with the objective being to date and form romantic relationships, choosing from a variety of potential partners. Today, I'll be discussing visual novels and dating sims, media that, while not anime or manga themselves, often serve as source material for both. Exceptions to this style do exist, however, with some visual novels consisting of a singular plot told entirely through text and graphics.

Other video games, such as the Harvest Moon and Persona Series, incorporate elements of dating sims for gameplay purposes.

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