A study by Queen’s University, Canada, estimates that tennis players burn up to 700 calories an hour.Dr Reid says freshly made tomato sauce has its own special properties. As you'd have expected, SEGA has again decided to stick to its roots with the release of Virtua Tennis 3 for the PlayStation 3. You'll surely notice that few sports games show such highly detailed player models, not to mention that playable characters within the game look stunningly similar to their real-life counterparts, with very few exceptions. One very noticeable aspect as far as sound goes is that player yelling is a little annoying at times, not always matching with their (your) actions. While SEGA's way of looking at one of the most elegant sports in the world has stayed the same, the addition of new mini games and a much better established career mode is definitely the winning formula as far as tennis games go. Just like they did with Virtua Fighter 5, SEGA has focused more on tweaking up the gameplay experience rather than changing the way the game is played.
As we stated above, SEGA have delivered their latest tennis title by merely building upon the success of those before it, adding a great variety of mini games, which we'll discuss later on, as well as a better established career mode.

One worth mentioning is the unique tilt functionality that allows players to spin, lob and slice the ball with a flick of the SIXAXIS. Also, some of the mini games can also be played by as many as four players at a time on the same console.
Players will be traveling to Spain, China, France, England, Germany, Italy, Australia, USA etc., while matches will be held during both day and night, as well as indoors and outdoors, grass, clay and hard courts, featuring the same fast-paced gameplay as within the mini games.
You see, before commencing a match you're going to have to make up your mind which control scheme to use, to make your player move around the court. The 24-year-old has revealed the endurance-eating regime that has transformed his once-puny frame into a muscular tennis machine.It involves 6,000 calories a day of high-protein, high-carbohydrate food. Dr Karen Reid, a leading sport nutritionist, who has worked for UK Athletics with elite competitors in tennis, rugby and hockey, believes that Murray’s diet should meet all his food, physical and psychological requirements. The reality is, Virtua Tennis 3, although next-gen and stuff, looks strikingly similar to SEGA's last tennis game.

Well, although these too are very similar as with those from previous SEGA tennis titles, some of them add quite a few nifty features.
When your stamina is low, your player faces a greater risk of getting injured so you should fix that as soon as you get the chance by drinking an energy drink. Add that to the amazingly crisp visuals it offers and you've got yourself one of the best tennis games released to date.
More than that, some of the moves players are able to perform are practically worthless, but we'll discuss those too later on.
You'll be faced with collecting fruit and dodging large tennis balls that roll out from a truck (Avalanche), or knocking over stacked oil drums with ground strokes (Drum Topple).

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