My mission is to share my story with the hope of helping my fellow ladies out there who are experiencing similar problems. In the meantime she started picking on my sister in law who was losing her 17 year old son to cancer, telling her shit that it was cause he wasn’t her husbands son.
So, now…7 months after my sons birth, we are living with my MIL, father in law, and my husbands two younger sisters.

MIL took their tractor and tried knocking the mobile home off of its foundation with my sister in law and their 2 children in it. My brother in law got some balls and moved his family and home away from their property after 13 years of living there. We bought a truck for his work, 2 months later the in laws show up with one of their logging trucks and told him to drive it for them, he did.

I wanted you to know that these stories are one worse than the other, but the problems not impossible to solve.

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