It was unclear as to why Ferne, who sensibly kept her dark sunglasses on as she made her way back onto the road, wasn't driving where she should have been.After making her way to Essex nightclub Funky Mojos, the brunette beauty undoubtedly turned heads in her lace peplum dress, complete with figure-hugging leather body, from The Dolls House. I've always adored American cars; there's just something about them that really fires up the imagination and so many of us would love to own one.
There are new exotic cars that can take your breath away, and classic muscle cars that can quake the ground beneath your feet.
Finding your dream car on the internet is easy is enough; it's bringing them to the UK that's always been the problem. You can arrange for your vehicle to be transported to the Port for shipment yourself, or have Sims-Waters & Associates Inc. Until now, owning such a car may have been merely a dream, but Sims-Waters & Associates Inc.

I don't think its pushing the limits, Kids watch worse stuff, my 7 year old nephew watches the Movie Titanic and must of us know about the part where Jack is painting Rose and the Car scene.
I find it more odd than inappropriate like the advert is trying to advertise to people who are attracted to Sims rather than enjoy playing the games.
However I do know someone with Master Suite and they enjoy living out their dirtiest dreams using the fancy sleepwear. In all seriousness, the game s rated T for Teens for good reasons, any parent who bought it for their kid has no one to blame but themselves, regardless of if they checked it out or not before buying it. It could be that you're a car enthusiast, intent on showing your prized vehicle at the many car shows springing up across the UK, or you may have been drawn by the many car chases in classic films. Before the sims 3 I started to play in The sims 2 when I was a child and I saw a lot of things kids shouldn't see.

But whichever method you chose, you can be assured that your prized possession will receive the care and protection that it so rightly deserves.
Master Suite's trailer was just based around 'looking good for bed' and seemed extreme, even normal sims woohoo looks nowhere as dirty as that.

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