The further into the relationship, the clearer it becomes that the nice stuff he does is not just infatuation but true love. You’ve Met EveryoneIf you have met his grandma, parents, best friend, and all of his third and fourth cousins, he is probably falling in love with you.
He Says “We”When a man stops saying “I” and starts saying “We”, this is a good indication that he is in love. He Says, “I Love You” Some men do jump the gun on this one and say it right away, but most men will hold it in until they mean it…and sometimes longer. A man will only say that when he means it because #1, he wants to be sure you feel it too and #2, he doesn’t want to risk having some girl cling to him that he doesn’t feel the same about.

He RemembersIf he remembers the little things that you’ve mentioned, he might be falling in love. If you mentioned once that you like lilies and he surprised you with them, it’s a good sign for you. If he makes dinner and remembers to leave out the onions that you mentioned make your stomach hurt, he might be falling. Whether he skips the big game without a single complaint so that you can have lunch with your mom, or walks out of a meeting at work when you send him an SOS text, you come first to a man falling in love. You’re Automatically InvitedWhen he makes it clear that you are automatically invited to wherever he is invited, he is falling in love.

He Holds Your Hand EverywhereIf he isn’t afraid to hold your hand everywhere you go, he is falling in love. A man in love isn’t afraid of the latter, and can express how passionately he feels about you out of and in bed.

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