Calling without any reason simply because the person was thinking about you, missing you or felt like talking to you is another sign that explicitly states the love interest of a person.
Talking and sharing personal things with you, which nobody knows about is another clear sign of a person liking you. The person is always at your help even if you do not ask for and will happily and instantly accept help from you.
If this person compliments you sincerely, this could be a sign that they like you romantically. Read this article to learn the different signals on how to know if someone likes you romantically. A popular technique to find whether or not a person loves you, most of you would admit doing this in your teenage. The person also insists on finding more about you and always remembers whatever you say or do. In case you feel low, the person would looks for ways to brighten up even your darkest day. The person might even go ahead and clear up or cancel the busy schedule just to spend those special moments with you and have fun when you both are together.

The person would take care of what you like and what not and will pay attention to even the minutest details. Sure, they are not completely foolproof and many people send out mixed signals, but these ways can help you to know if that nice guy likes you romantically.
If yes, then this is one of the signs they love you romantically and they are always trying to accidentally on purpose meet up with you.
If this person is showing a special interest in you and they are trying to keep the conversation going by asking questions, this is another sign someone loves you romantically. Sure, they may want to spend more time with you since you are a good person and they might not like you romantically, but it could also be a classic sign to look out for. Probably they have said you have a lovely smile, or beautiful hair, or nice clothes, or awesome jewellery, etc. If the person mirrors your movements, this is one of the classic signs they are interested in you romantically. If you think a guy is interested and you are interested too, feel free to ask him out on a date. Again, you might be a great person to spend time with, and you might be a good conversationalist, but this is one of the signs this person likes you romantically and wants to spend a little more time with you.

If they move closer to you and even touch you subtly, for example, pat your hand, touch your cheek or move closer, these are flirtation signs. At times, while talking, you think you have figured out that spark but in the end, you realize that there was none at all. If this person is constantly following you, this might be completely different matter and you might need to inform someone, especially if the things are getting out of hand! Sure, I don’t want to scare you unnecessarily, but it’s important for you to pay attention to this person.
If you like this person and you are enjoying the conversation, make sure you keep it going by asking questions to show you are also interested in their life. If they happen to keep running into you in the places they know you will surely be, they might like you romantically! In case you are in a similar situation and have been racking your brains with this most annoying and hardest question, here is a respite.

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