Belligerent Sexual Tension is a way to keep the UST by having the couple fight each other too much to actually get together.
Evangelion 303: The sexual tension between Shinji and Asuka was pretty intense in the early chapters. One of many as yet unresolved sub-plots in Discworld monster Slipping Between Worlds concerns the interaction between visiting bemused Roundworlder Philip Holtack and young graduate assassin Jocasta Wiggs. In the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, Raphael develops a crush on April some time after he rescues her from the Foot; he's noticeably bashful when she thanks him for rescuing her and she returns the favor by staying by his side when he's put into a coma to make sure he doesn't get killed.
Lost in Translation: The entire movie is about Bob and Charlotte's sexual tension and them trying to resolve it despite both of them being married.
The sexual tension between Mia and Vincent in Pulp Fiction causes Vincent quite a bit of alarm, given that he believes her husband threw a man off a second-story building just for giving her a foot massage. There was alot of lesbian sexual tension in the film Black Widow between Alex and Catherine. One of the many things The Searchers is famous for is the completely silent interactions between Ethan and his sister-in-law, which most people interpret as an unspoken form of this trope.

As of comic 1799 Dora and Marten have broken up AND Faye and Angus are together, so there's a surprising lack of tension and boredom. Ansem Retort, of all things, has a bit of possibly-unintended tension between Zexion and Namine. This tension is frequently referred to as UST in fandom, where it is pronounced "oost" or Yu-Ess-Tee.
Word of God from Damian Scott (a penciler of many Batgirl comics) is that the pair "kind of act like they're in love, but just don't know it".
Of terrible mention is Robbie and Cat, the former who uses his power to possess people or control their actions from a distance to force Cat to perform oral sex on him in an attempt to remedy this trope. The first hundred or so chapters build up the UST that resulted from 5+ years of not seeing each other and it's still going on despite them figuring out that Skull broke them up by accident. When asked by a fan if "smack it" was meant to be a sexual innuendo, Terrance Zdunich said everything in the entire song was sexual.
But the tension between them is not brought throughout the rest of the movie or any of the sequels.

There's loads of unspoken sexual tension between Harrison Ford's character and French smuggler Michelle, but as Ford is desperately searching for his kidnapped wife nothing happens. Namine was impressed when Zexion sold territory to Mexico for a new name, Zexion knew immediately who had swapped his cyanide pills with Mentos, he detoured from his booty call with Belle to brag to Namine, and Namine has developed a psychic "Zexion-sense" alerting her that he was in trouble (though she didn't feel the need to DO anything about it). While the Ship Tease hasn't been very explicit yet, many of their scenes together imply that their relationship is much less platonic than they'd like to believe. Lore herself is quite attracted (and it's her first time) but treats Thomas with contempt most of the time because he is Jewish internee from Buchenwald ( or maybe he's posing as one to escape the Americans) and she's taught to hate Jews. In episode 13, Mr Rochester is visibly smitten with Jane, and grateful to her for her gentle care when she takes broken pieces from his wound and bandages his bleeding arm.

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