Once the Virgo female carefully makes up her mind to bring the relationship into the bedroom, they may find more of a match between the sheets. Leo men naturally take the lead in their lovemaking and the Virgo women are fine with that, for she never cares about being in charge. The Leo man is incredibly loyal, which helps to maintain some stability in the physical realm. The Leo male will always protect his Virgo lover, a trait she greatly admires, and she will provide a comfortable and lasting environment for them to return to time and again. But if the Virgo Leo relationship continues she will grow tired of his arrogance, for she is quite modest.
So the Virgo woman will have to be careful not to be too critical of him, for this can damage his incredible sense of self-worth.

Virgo is a mutable earth sign whereas Leo is a fixed fire sign, the Virgo woman Leo man compatibility gets a TWO Hearts rating. The Virgo woman remains on the edge of the crowd, watching him in his natural habitat until he finally sees her. She is thoughtful and intuitive and immediately strokes his ego, and the Leo man responds by complimenting her on her wonderful attention to detail.
As long as she can trust him she will allow him full reign over their sexual union, and he will never break that trust.
She too is devoted to her partner once she makes this choice, so the Virgo woman Leo man will both work to find a nice balance between their sexual styles.
If the Leo man can learn patience and the Virgo woman can have some confidence, the Virgo Leo match can last a lifetime.

She can get things going by knowing what turns him on sexually, and he can finish the night with a great climax. The Leo man is looking for a mate who can stalk the plains with him, and she is a homebody.

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