If you decide you want a Virgo woman, you have to behave like a gentleman, NOT a "neanderthal." Virgos hate people with controlling personalities, and like Scorpio, they NEVER change to suit anyone! Virgos will forgive, but they also believe that if you're truly sorry for hurting them, you won't do it repeatedly. Virgos hate slobs and dirtiness, and won't date men who don't take care of themselves -- and their homes.
If you're mean, selfish, sloppy, ignorant, dishonest, rude, or lazy, a Virgo woman is NOT for you. The reality is that, the way Virgo personality is constructed in the horoscope and astrological emotional universe, these makes all the sense in the world. So if Virgo is sure regarding the perfect pictures she has in her head, becoming reality, Virgo can be on fire. With that said, keep the following factors in mind so you can gain a clue regarding Virgo in bed.
When Virgo is disappointed, it can manifest into a decline in libido, particularly amongst Virgo men. Since Virgo in bed is all about procedure and all about perfection, then all elements of love making must be in play.
Virgos may not realize it, but they are definitely acting like it, that sex is at least 50% mental.
As purists as the Virgo in bed may be, they often fall into the trap of confusing sexual attention with emotional intimacy. Unfortunately, many Virgos like to roll out this mental pie chart of different aspects of intimacy and many times due to wishful thinking or just past disappointments; they tend to confuse sexual attention with emotional intimacy.
This can lead to serious issues down the road, especially if you’re not really that serious with that Virgo partner. Keep the five weird facts about Virgo in bed firmly in mind before you get into a physical relationship with Virgo. If your man was born between the days of August 24th and September 23rd, you should be familiar with what we are about to share. If Virgo is your choice ladies, make sure that you can hold a decent conversation about culture or current topics. The only time a Virgo man will fall in love is when he has thoroughly scrutinized the woman he is interested in. However, when he does fall in love with his chosen one, he will do anything to be a best friend, and lover to his partner as well as a good father to his children. One thing you should remember if you are in love with a Virgo man is that he is not exactly good at expressing his feelings.

If you get into a relationship with a Virgo male you will experience all levels of loyalty, thoughtfulness and respect. Virgo men enjoy seeing their partner in pleasure and will therefore ask what she likes directly.
In any case, most Virgo zodiac sign do not perceive sex to be a very important aspect in their lives and they believe they can survive without it.
Virgo girls are very shy, so be careful not to mistake shyness for her not being interested in you. Virgo women have a soft spot for more romantic words and would prefer to be called "beautiful" or "pretty" instead of "hot" or "sexy." When you're interacting with her, be kind and caring.
Since a Virgo is an animal you have to draw out of its cage, it's important to sense how she's feeling about you. If Virgo gets into your car and has to wade through wrappers to sit down, she'd rather walk.
Though Virgo will always be punctual, she probably knows by now to allot more time for specific endeavors. Virgo doesn't believe in kissing and telling and wearing her heart on her sleeve all the time. If you come off as the type who kicks a woman out of bed in the morning, Virgo won't give you the time of day.
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However, if Virgo sees that even if a small detail is wrong, Virgo can really clam up and be very cold. Traditionally, people think of Scorpio as the sexual superstar of the horoscope, but if you’ve read this blog intensively, you know that it is far from the truth. This is one of the paradoxes that people engaged in a relationship with Virgo’s need to keep in mind. If you’re going to judge the Virgo in bed, you have to realize that they look at it as some sort of elaborate play. So, you have to deal with Virgo in bed in such a way that you hit the mental and emotional components or else he or she will be disappointed. If you are looking for a light or shallow relationship, introducing sex into the relationship might be like pouring gasoline into live coals, not a good idea. Keep these five weird facts about Virgo in bed firmly in mind, so you can plan out your bed time strategies properly.
Virgo men enjoy mental stimulation from their mate, so intelligence is high on their list of priorities when picking a mate.

If the Virgo male does not really know a woman very well and is still somewhat skeptical, it is highly unlikely that he will proceed to sleep with her. He also likes to look for ways of improving his performance in his romantic life and that is why it is not uncommon to find him reading literature about sex and romance techniques. She needs to know who you are and be comfortable with you before things can even touch on romantic or sexual.
To start off a relationship with a Virgo, you're going to have to be the one to make the first move, as she's too shy and traditional to do it herself. Virgo needs a partner who's well-groomed to the max: that means clean ears, clean fingernails, clean noses, clean everything. Virgo women love substance more than anything, but genuine (and frequent) flattery will take you far in a relationship with one. You can read my detailed report on the Virgo female personality for a more on this subject. The reality is that, all horoscope signs have the potential to be really intense when it comes to sex.
Make no mistake about it – this really can put a lot of strain in many relationships. This is why people who are looking to honestly assess and deal with Virgo in bed need to realize that sex is 50% mental. Any mature and develop person knows that the difference between sexual attention and emotional intimacy is like the difference between night and day.
The casual Virgo will be good with a nice t-shirt and jeans, but the dressier Virgo will want a jacket and spiffy shoes. Virgo in bed is no different, it’s all about specific orientation and configuration of the person born under a particular horoscope sign. While in the early stages of your relationship, pure sexual spontaneity and energy can carry you through the night, once your relationship matures, that’s when the trials begin. You have to give it the proper focus or else it may be deemed by your Virgo partner as purely physical and as a result, shallow. It's easy to do if you can approach her slowly, impress her with your sharpness, and accommodate her perfectionism.

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