When Cancer male falls for a Capricorn female, their beauty of their relationship emerges out of the differences in their personality.
Capricorn female is very different from a Cancer male and this difference forms the basis of the strong attraction between the couple. When a Capricorn girl falls in love with a Cancer man, she is ready to give her personal needs and requirements for the man she loves. Her practical approach may not match with your sensitive nature and you may feel hurt with her harsh remarks. Although she is an earth sign and he is a water sign, the Capricorn Cancer pairing creates a beautiful lake rather than muddy waters. The Capricorn female works hard all day and comes home to the comfortable household that he has established. Since both the Capricorn and Cancer work hard to take care of different aspects of the relationship, there is an automatic balance in their daily routine.
Because both sun signs take their time with decisions, they will both be ready to build their sexual union. The Capricorn woman appreciates his attention to detail and offers him a steady, devoted partner. But she knows the Cancer man also pitches in to do whatever is necessary to keep things running smoothly, and she can trust him to handle anything she misses. The Capricorn woman is not as invested in the actual act as he is, so she may come off as cold or distant at times. Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign whereas Cancer is a cardinal water sign, the Capricorn woman Cancer man compatibility gets a ONE Hearts rating.

Their differences are complementary, where the Capricorn woman creates a strong foundation off of which to build their relationship and the Cancer man adds the emotional depth to sustain it. He helps her to relax and enjoy the finer things in life, things she never would have noticed without his keen eye. And with her patience and his caring nature, this couple will have no problem moving things into the bedroom.
The Cancer male will start things off with a slow, romantic courtship – nothing too fancy, just the basics to get them in the mood.
With her ambition and his persistence this relationship can go farther than either zodiac sign imagined possible. And they can divvy up other details that may require a gentler touch, which the Cancer man can take care of easily. The Capricorn female may hurt his feelings from time to time, and he will retreat into his shell for a while.
The Capricorn woman Cancer man love compatibility will succeed only if both the partners have the patience to listen to each other. With his commitment, he is able to promise his woman security and future which makes her surer of the relation.
Though she may not be very warm but she still keeps him happy with her love and concern she has for him. You can woo her with your flirting but make sure you do that with confidence and style otherwise she will not even notice your efforts.
The Cancer man will do anything for his lover, which can sometimes work in his favor, and other times not.

She doesn’t like risking her finances and life, hence she always prefers to be more cautious and proactive.
Cancer man’s and Capricorn woman’s emotional dependence gives a new strength to their bonding.
She longs for trust and confidence in their relation which is must for her to surrender herself in love of her man. The melody of their love and the warmth of their intimacy evolve beautifully as their bond matures with time. He is able to explore and stimulate the romantic facet of her personality with his tender love. The beauty of their relationship lies in their ability to synergize their abilities to transform their fantasies and dreams into a reality. This may cause some discord in their happy marriage but a Capricorn woman never hesitates in apologizing for her mistakes. Their marriage exudes trust and confidence in each other which deepens as the time progresses.

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