The thing I've noticed about Scorpio men is how PASSIVE they can be in maintaining relationships, like they expect everything to come to THEM.
Hypnotic Scorpions are just like latent volcanoes, subdued aggression buried beneath the placid surface.
For example in spite of being a little over confident they often suffer from inferiority complex where the scorpions feel disgusted by himself but remain too proud to look for any helping hand. Lucky color Gold and Purple, Lucky stone Topaz and Opal, main element water, we are talking about none other than Scorpio zodiac sign who are queer combinations of courage and vengeance, passion and determination.

The animals which prove to be the best pets for the perfect Geminean are eagles, ravens, wolves, reptiles, spiders, pike, vermin, scorpions and sharks.
The second symbol of Scorpions is Eagle, and the majestic bird personifies, freedom, clarity in vision, and sharpness.
Owner of a magnetic personality and tremendous will power Scorpions forget and forgive none, and leave no stone unturned to reach their final destination. Scorpio astrology people should control their temper and inborn violent streak which cause unnecessary predicaments in their lives.

Lol but really I think all water signs can sometimes be evasive and kind of a mess, but Scorpio is most direct. Hard to believe, such mighty character like Scorpions also stumbles on some unavoidable impediments in their lives.

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