In our so-called conservative society, we often hear of real stories about a man proposing to a girl he loves. A taxi driver I know very well got married at age 26, not because he wanted to, but because his mother forced him to. A young woman from my home town got married to an older wealthy man, not because she wanted to or loved the man, but because her parents forced her to marry the man, because of his wealth.
As long as girls feel depressed when they are denied their own pick of the man of dreams, they will either have patience and live with a man they never loved or cheat on their husband. We often read news about a married woman cheating on her husband or hear a story about a married man cheating on his wife. Statistics cannot tell us the real gravity behind the immorality of extra-marital relationships, particularly that these take place behind walls and in dark, far-away corners. Only unemployed losers and people without honor or morality question the decisions of their parents. A woman hardly ever wakes up one morning and decides that she wants to throw away a happy marriage because she feels horny.

The excitement of 15 seconds to 10 minutes is nothing as compared to the misery that will come to any man who cheats, one way or another. He says No, not for any logical reason, such as the man is immoral, immature or penurious, but for a frivolous reason, such as the man belongs to a poor family or lives in the same neighborhood.
Cheating, for the most part is reserved for men with successful careers and financial abilities beyond those of the average man. In my Galaxy, people are honest and kind and generous and practice Islam to the best of their abilities, not just in their relationship with God, but in their relationship with others. If parents continue to choose a man for their daughter instead of letting the daughter choose the man of her dreams, extra-marital relations will continue to multiply. These couples are the ones that usually resort to extra-marital relationships, for they have not chosen each other, they have not loved each other, and they have not come together out of their conviction at a point in their lives.
Parents must either allow their children live the married and romantic lives God blessed them with or they will live nightmares and consider resorting to immorality to revenge themselves on the love they were denied.
If parents impose their choices on their son in regards to the girl most suitable for marriage, extra-marital relations will continue to rise.

The man is indulging in extra-marital relationships, and he is now thinking of divorcing his wife and marrying a girl he loves. However, a smart man, must realize that he is only successful because of God’s will and the love of a good wife.
Regrettably, even if we try to mention what is amiss and wrong in the relationship people will hasten to attack us, basing their criticism on our misunderstanding of their situation.
They will resort to another lover if they were forced to come together under an arranged marriage. If she had married a man she loved, I don’t think she would have ever thought of cheating on her husband.

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