Her Campus polled more than a hundred college women across the country to find out what you really think about the Facebook relationship status. The prevalence of social media in our lives, particularly Facebook, has made going public with a relationship as easy as the click of a mouse.
Others find fault with the idea of needing to go public to make a personal relationship legitimate.
But even in the hookup culture of college, where relationships have a tendency to disregard traditional road markers, this particular step has become an important one for many college women.

Eleven percent of people we polled said they are listed as married, engaged, or in an open relationship with one of their best friends as a joke. But some feel that removing their relationship status from Facebook is one way to rebel against social media pervading every aspect of our lives. For many people, that means that becoming Facebook official does represent a significant milestone in the progress of a serious relationship.
Though the thought of entering the real world still terrifies her a little bit, she plans to pursue a career in the magazine or publishing industries.

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