For a girl, getting a date is a matter of catching someone’s interest long enough for a guy to ask her out. For the guy, if he learns to play it cool and send the right signals at the right time, he can pique his favorite girl’s curiosity enough to convince her to say yes.
However, a subsequent study reveals that this can only happen when one party has made up his mind to pursue further relations with the other. It’s about allowing rapport to be established long enough for both parties to decide if they want to move forward with each other.

This trick has been long used by many women who want their guy to go that extra mile to be in touch with them. In a recent study made on the behavior of “playing hard to get”, researchers from Harvard University discovered that women were more interested in men who did not show their interest over those who declared their interest in them. Guys, if you are interested in someone you’ve known for some time, you may want to lay the foundation first before asking her out properly.
Don’t divulge any more details regarding where you went, what you did or which friends you went out with.

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