It’s date night and your turn to decide what to do but you’ve spent all day on Wikipedia trying to find out what Kris Humphries is doing now post-Kim K and fantasy house shopping instead (Oooo Belsize Park looks nice!) and now it’s panic stations. If you and the S.O (that’s significant other for all you guys not in the know) are stuck in a rut and need forcibly dragging out of a Netflix-induced relationship hump, then feel free to nick our date night ideas and take all the credit. So, we shall do just that.The Whistling ShopBid farewell to Central London and escape East and to the Whistling Shop.

Found through a random door in a juice bar in Soho, BYOC is one of London’s most exciting new cocktail concept bars.
If you go on a Friday night you can play while listening to some old school RnB and Hip Hop anthems while you reminiscence about the first time you kissed while listening to R. Subtly suggest a free date walking around Primrose Hill and market it as a celeb spotting exercise.

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