All Percy could do was helplessly watch his back-stabbing ex-girlfriend hang out with his enemy, Luke. After being "distracted" in Capture the Flag, Annabeth is taken prisoner!For the first time since Annabeth has come to camp, Athena has won nearly every single CTF (Capture the Flag). Today, Annabeth and Percy tried to let loose the stress and take a nice ride down the beach together. Based on the way Percy is smiling at Annabeth, the way Annabeth is holding Percy, it's pretty obvious Pannabeth's love is so hot that it's on fire! They claim that they were "bored", so they replaced all the Aphrodite girl's makeup with dangerous items and traps everywhere. Most of the girls were freaked out to find ants in their high heels, and stood up on their chairs to hide from the wild boar that the Stolls left in the closet which had gone loose. Annabeth's death brings Percy to tears - until she comes back to life.We all know about the stolen fleece. This week we had a harsh attack from a huge flock of Stymphalian birds during our strawberry-picking session.
Annabeth Chase caught with supposed engagement ring!Percy and Annabeth have been going out for almost two years. Persephone reveals true feelings about her life in a visit to Camp Half-Blood.Persephone and her mother, Demeter paid a short visit to Camp Half-Blood. On the top you see a picture of a hand-made turqouise egg encrusted with diamonds, emeralds and gold. Bianca di Angelo is brought back from the dead and returns to Camp!Today Nico di Angelo, 12, reunited with his older sister, Bianca di Angelo, 14.
They had to make a deal, though: Bianca can stay at Camp Half-Blood for approximatley two weeks to reunite with old friends.
After Annabeth's capture, Pannabeth may be over.To the left, you can see a fun picture of Percy and Annabeth in the ocean at Half-Blood beach, taken two days before Annabeth's capture. We all can tell that Percy had full feelings for Annabeth, but now that Annabeth has been taken, this might really be the end. A recent picture of Lorelei and Beckendorf shocks us all!To the right, you can see a romantic picture of Beckendorf (Hephaestus cabin) and Silena Beauregard (Aphrodite cabin). Beckendorf and Silena, or as we like to call them, "Beckelina", have been the tighest couple ever, even tighter than Pannabeth. But just last night, while going through her film, our papparatzzi from the Apollo cabin was flipping through her camera film on her computer, and found a picture that dates back to this recent January of 2010. The picture showed Beckendorf and LORELEI EVE, daughter of Artemis, walking through the snowy streets of Manhattan on a window-shop date! To the right, you can see the picture of Lorelei and Beckendorf, staying close in the cold, Lorelei holding her Starbucks coffee in her gloved hand. Percy is split from his true love, Annabeth!We don't have too much information about the attack, but we DO know that Annabeth Chase was taken by a dragon (along with Thalia Grace, but she doesn't have a boyfriend so it doesn't matter).

Percy must be crying in his cabin, and probably sees Annabeth's face on every other female he sees. When Annabeth is attacked by a dragon unarmed, Percy saves her life!The following story and pictures were all submitted by Demeter cabin's Kristin Bell. According to Kristin, the dragon made the beach erupt into flames, but Percy summoned ocean waves to take it out.
The dragon, aiming for Annabeth, was defeated but not killed by Percy Jackson and his Riptide.
The juiciest part: when the dragon left the beach, Annabeth and Percy shared a true love's kiss. Last night, a huge group of boys spying on the Artemis cabin (containing the Hunters who are visting and Lorelei Eve).
Grover's absense on the Quest grants Juniper breakdowns and tears!Juniper is the pretty juniper bush nymph, with the long dark hair and elfish features. She almost looked emo, except for the fact she was surrounded by nature and butterflies and wore a happy, bright green dress. Insiders spill that Luke was abusive to Annabeth and always threatened to stab Percy's heart if she didn't stop talking about him.
According to the insiders, Annabeth and Luke have been secretly dating for a long time, this is just the first time we've noticed. When CHBG asked Annabeth Chase [Percy Jackson's girlfriend] about his strange behavior, she simply grimanced and walked away angrily. The Ares cabin hung a wild boar's head on the Aphrodite cabin's windows, smeared the pink walls with fake blood and wrote "LOSERS" in bold letters.
Her name is Lorelei Eve, and she is rumored to be the daughter of the goddess of hunting and the moon, Artemis. Silena's army expands--the Ares cabin is now under her command!Tension is building up with the perfume war!
They have been seen together at the amphitheatre, holding hands at the fireworks show, studying for tests, and helping eachother with archery.
Annabeth Chase, above all people, blurted that Grover was caught getting romantic with a blueberry bush nymph. I'm glad you liked it, thanks for the feedback, as of now its on hiatous, for now i'm trying to create my own heroes, but i will have more of Percy in my other stories, just not the way you'd think. This time, Annabeth got "distracted" when the Ares cabin caught them talking closely behind a tree during the game of CTF.
A CHBG papparatzzi snapped a pic of them, and when they saw this picture, they immediatley claimed "that is was a friendly ride together". So when Gennifer opened the cap to her lipstick, a swarm of bees came out of the tube and stung her.
To the right you can see a picture of Persephone and her two daughters, Sierra Donahue and Piper Stone.

And because she took the oath, she must then return to become yet a Hunter again._________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SON OF HADES CHARMS APHRODITE GIRL!
Last night, Annabeth Chase was caught on the beach with Camp Half-Blood enemy Luke Castellan! This is the sixth time we have caught Percy peering in the Demeter cabin window in the hopes of seeing Lorelei. Lorelei specializes in archery, is too beautiful for words, and can beat any satyr or man in Hermes's winged shoes in a barefoot race. Siren Scents is searching for the newest scent in Olympus, and Annabeth Chase and Silena Beauregard are competing!
Now, it's gotten so harsh, Silena got Clarisse to convice the Ares cabin to join her side and go to California and toilet-paper Annabeth's dad's house. Of course, the Stolls looked in the window to laugh at all the girls in casts, healing cream and stitches.
When Artemis found out they were close, she grew jealous that someone in the gloomy Underwood befriended one of her favorite Hunters.
So Kristin from the Demeter cabin was walking down Half-Blood beach, collecting seashells, which was when she saw Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase walking together down the beach.
We have also paid the naiads to flirt their way into the Poseidon cabin, hack into his computer to find out that Lorlei's pictures are all over the screen!
Enjoy some pictures from the ball!Luke and Annabeth -  Annabeth Chase is so proud to show off the beautiful gold Chanel dress that Luke bought her! She and Persephone got in a fight, and to settle things, Hades finally brought Bianca back from the dead to go back to Camp Half-Blood. If you email us for this story, you have automatically subscribed for our Percy Jackson mini-stories (meaning we sent you every story we make when it comes out)! We had an entire spring break, in which I had spent a week in his house and we spent most of our time, either in his room, or eating, reading and playing his favorite video games.
They weren't half bad cosidering you had to keep on your toes paying attention to the maps and your enemies.
Calmly, his expression changed, until, he was filled with shock.Quickly I turned him over, and began my own activities.
Closing my eyes, I passed out drom exhaustion.When I woke up, it had only been thirty minutes passed.

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