I was given a $20 giftcard to chili’s to use for the shoutouttoeatout promo and review. Rumour has it that the first consumer model of the Oculus Rift will be hitting in summer 2015, and EVE Valkyrie is looking like one of its killer apps.
Overgrowth, also known as “that 3D brawler where humanoid rabbits fight each other, oh man, what is this,” doesn’t have a set release date, but sometime in 2015 seems like a reasonable guess. Deus Ex: Universe is Square Eidos's name for a whole series of upcoming Deus Ex stuff, including at least one proper "core game". Link: Official site his fierce, tactical multiplayer shooter rapelled into E3 2014 to much applause, partly because it replaces the dodgy-looking Rainbow Six Patriots, but mostly because of the return of recognisable R6 elements like sneaky SWAT cams, breach charges and tactical shotguns.
Combining crafting and shooting, Fortnite pits you and your teammates against a horde of monsters—scavenge materials by day, build up your base and defenses, then weather the siege at night. Mediocre reviews, poor sales and the ultimate closure of both its original developer and publisher seemingly couldn't stop Homefront from getting a sequel. Link: Dev blog CD Projekt RED announced this futuristic RPG with a teaser trailer years ago, and barely a peep has been heard of it since.
A procedurally generated game about creating and discovering your own mythology for one to four players, Moon Hunters blew far past its Kickstarter funding goal of $45k.
This 4vs1 action RPG from the makers of The Old Republic has one player setting traps and altering parameters for the other four players.
Meanwhile, the Link Bracelet is a marvelous bit of engineering, with a unique quad-hinged clasp that latches and releases with rifle-bolt precision. Should you have more than one Watch band to choose from, swapping them is a similarly easy affair.

I'll admit, coming into this review, I expected that having to charge the Watch nightly would be a chore. The eleven human (and one robot) Hunters are all deliberately different—each of the medics heal completely differently, for example.
The studio is no doubt busy putting the finishing touches on The Witcher 3, and it’s unlikely we’ll see this one in 2015, or even 2016. Haven't worn one regularly since high school (I'm 33 years old now), and have never been enamored with the likes of Rolex or Longines.
The Link Bracelet's made of brushed stainless steel (a Space Black Stainless Steel Watch and matching bracelet are also available, though the black bracelet isn't available for purchase separately).
It also has links that can be removed with a simple button press, which makes fitting the bracelet a relatively painless process. Stand tracks how sedentary you are on an hourly basis (and prompts you to get up for at least one minute out of every hour). I've only tried a handful of the over 3,000 available, but the ones I have used are buggy and slow.
Most of the Watch's features can be categorized as nice to have (at best) or superfluous (at worst), and because of that, if you're not enamored with the Watch's appearance, it's probably not compelling enough to buy one. As such, if you're not enamored with the Watch's appearance, it's probably not compelling enough to buy one. Apple loaned me a 42mm stainless steel Watch model ($549) with a bright, lime green Sport Band ($49 when sold separately) and a Link Bracelet ($449). Pressing the release button while pulling on the appropriate links required more fiddling than I expected, but it also gets easier the more times you do it.

The company has put together a user guide that comprehensively elucidates all that the Watch can do, so for the purposes of this review, I'll stick to the highlights. You can add and subtract Glances in the companion iPhone app, though the only one I really found useful was a status screen that shows if the Watch is connected to your phone and lets you toggle airplane, do-not-disturb and silent modes. To swap or tweak one, you'll need to utilize Force Touch, Apple's recently introduced tech that enables the Watch's display (and the new MacBook's trackpad) to distinguish a light tap from a hard press.
Because of the nifty magnetic induction-charging disc and the fact that I'd never sleep wearing a Watch anyway, charging it up each night just isn't a big deal. Also, getting a Watch means locking one's self into an iPhone universe, and while it's an excellent handset, I harbor an affinity for Android phones.
If you're firmly on team iPhone, are willing to pay a premium for an intelligent timepiece and can handle charging it on a nightly basis, the Watch is for you. The bracelet is comprised of a single band of horizontal scales, which sets it apart visually from the three or four vertical bands of links in most other watch bracelets.
Also, re-inserting the Link Bracelet requires sliding the tip of one side in before seating the other and pushing them both in simultaneously. These include: date, calendar events, moon phase, sunrise and sunset times, weather, stocks, activity summary, alarm, timer, stopwatch, battery charge and world clock.
Then, you'll need to agree to the terms and conditions, link up your Apple ID, create a Watch-specific passcode and let it sync all of the compatible apps and info with your iPhone.

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