Christmas is an emotionally charged time and when life, relationships and jobs fall apart … it leaves you feeling flat, confused and fuzzy.
Express gratitude – we experienced an amazing fabulous relationship and I am full of gratitude for those beautiful memories of love, fun and support. Sad to hear you are going through this, it’s lovely that you are sharing your experience so that it can touch others. So beautifully written Di, I am so sorry your relationship has ended but you are dealing with it with grace and doing what you do so well – sharing and helping others.
Families that are consumed at the altar of consumerism and spend more than they have, so that they can put on an image to people around them. I was a 40 year member of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and discovered for myself what they really are, and I disassociated. I got married to a man I had known a few years who went to college in another state most of our relationship.
What do you do with a husband that claims to be perfect in Christ, but is demanding, insensitive, says degrading things about others if their over weight, drive a foreign car. I know a number of people going through relationship breakdowns right now and they too are hurting. If you want to salvage what you can and get on the road to your relationship's recovery, read on. When a relationship begins to fail or has been falling apart for some time, most couples start throwing fighting words that hurt. If you really want to rescue a relationship, you need to find another place, a neutral ground, to have some quality time together. Most often times when persons in a relationship have an affair with someone outside of it, this causes a greater rift. Before you get into a relationship especially a committed relationship you want to make sure that all unfinished business has been solved.

I don’t think Christian counselling does neither the husband nor the wife any good by focusing primarily on the husband as the primary source of problems, nor is it following Biblical example as far as I can tell. Maybe the first mistake is putting your spouse ahead (or in place of) your relationship with.
Many time the closest ones to us, our own family members, can be persuaded by the wicked one, to judge our Christian family members who are being sorely tested, by viewing them only as from the flesh. She says that we are apart a lot and that we’re both ok with it and that it is not normal. He told me what to do to get my husband back and i did, he said after 2days my husband will come back to me and start begging, it really happen i was very surprise and very, very happy our relationship was now very tight and we both live happily again. You start to feel afraid and formulate all the what-ifs, thinking about all the ways you can possibly fail.
I can most definitely relate to what you are saying and there is comfort in knowing that I am not alone.
He has done this and is now retreating what where to be our plans to rejoin solely based on his son. To rescue a relationship, couples have to look at themselves to figure out what created the problems in the first place. By spending this time together away from all the memories of hurt and pain, you can find what was once important… your relationship. There is no physical, immoral interactions, but his verbal affirmations and emotional flirting goes beyond what would safely be deemed as platonic.  Wives are cable of doing this, too. I’m willing to do whatever to be closer to him but he has one excuse after another why I should stay behind. We all tend to use the same words but often times we can mean something different than what the other person hears. Couples will have to ask themselves what is most important in the relationship and if it is worth saving.

Hard to accept by most that all these can not be fully accomplished if the mother of the child is left out of the picture. It takes stubborn, wayward people and points them to the truth that they cannot live for themselves and live for the devil, and then claim to be Jesus’ followers. And by god by the time he gets home today I had better have everything cleaned up, in it’s place and dinner cooking just so he can come in and trash it again.
Our prayer is that when a man commits in marriage to another woman, the romantic relationship should be reserved for his wife.
It almost makes me want to go out and do some of the things he thinks I do wrong so at least I would deserve what I’m getting!
But if they understood the verses which talk about how much a husband has to sacrifice for his wife, and the level in which it is to be done, it puts a different spin on the marriage relationship and his responsibilities as a husband.
Even if it is true that I have more education, every man can do something to take care of his family and every married man should know carrying for your wife is more than helping with the children now and then.
Many times we are so focused on the past, or looking so deeply into the future, we fail to be in the present and then we miss the beauty, opportunity, lessons, creativity and ideas of what we have.
Well, maybe not but you know, my gut and my brain and my spirit just cannot take this anymore. I just know that I’m not alone, in America today and many other countries there are women who have it much worse off then I and we are all left wondering what will come next.
It means you are curious about them, and you find out what works for them, and what works for you, at the same time. I think that nothing that I’ve done does not deserve not being forgiven as I have forgiven what has been done to me.

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