According the Bible, Satan prowls around like a lion looking for someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8), but many times, he probably doesn’t have to do that much.
Involving children, other family or any others in to the many decision-making processes between a husband and wife, giving them an equal say in a matter that is primarily the private business of husband and wife.
This is probably the most hurtful form of stiff-arming a spouse because it us under the guise of being kind and considerate of others when in fact it is passively quite aggressive. I think they have become very popular in the church for always being there and always being fun, while I am left to take care of the responsibilities.
Families that are consumed at the altar of consumerism and spend more than they have, so that they can put on an image to people around them. If the family head is being actively persecuted for his stand against the lies of satan, and he has been thrust into the judgement of Job, satan will work on all those surrounding this man, to condemn him, and destroy him to prove he is not truly a believer in God. I was a 40 year member of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and discovered for myself what they really are, and I disassociated.
For 3 years I developed an online ministry, assisting others to break from the cults, and all of my local business work began to be ruined, then when the economy started to crumble, my wife blamed me, instead of coming to Jesus with me as new creations in Him. Married couples must fight together to stay as one and gain the complete victory in Christ.
I am married to my husband and he does not see anything wrong with taking another woman out for a cup of coffee, or movie, or exercising together. My wife left me a week and half ago saying she does not have feelings for me anymore and that we are too different because we changed and this has been building up for a long time. I’m a Husband of 19 years who has lost the trust of my wife because of my history of drug addiction. Men on the other hand need to be reminded to put their wives ahead of themselves and love them.
The two books that have helped me in my marriage the most are Love and Respect by Emmerson Eggerich and The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. What do you do with a husband that claims to be perfect in Christ, but is demanding, insensitive, says degrading things about others if their over weight, drive a foreign car. My Marriage was hit with Divorce when my husband cheated on me and almost filed papers against me, we were married for over 8 years with 3 kids, he never cheated on me before until i found out he cheated on me with a younger woman this year. Afterwards, we stood in the kitchen (funny how these sorts of talks always seem to happen in the kitchen) and told each other that walking away was simply not on the cards.
You and your spouse are arguing about something big or small; and at just the right moment, you are faced with a decision. The husband says things like, “She expects me to be a holy man.” He constantly feels like a failure, and therefore has little to no incentive to actually work at the marriage.
You rationalize, “They need me at work” or “She doesn’t understand the pressure I’m under at work.” If you were honest, you work matters more than your family.
I don’t think Christian counselling does neither the husband nor the wife any good by focusing primarily on the husband as the primary source of problems, nor is it following Biblical example as far as I can tell. For verily I say to you, if ye have the faith of a grain of mustard seed, you shall say unto this mountain, remove hence to yonder place, and it shall remove, and nothing shall be impossible unto you. My wife followed, but her son stayed, and refused to ever speak to her again as it is their form of shunning and punishment for leaving the man-organization.
I have a husband who thinks its okay for me to be the bread winner, do all the house work and take care of the kids. She says that we are apart a lot and that we’re both ok with it and that it is not normal.
Women are hard wired to be nurturing and loving, but we have to be reminded to defer to the God ordained leadership of our husbands. Nagging, withholding affection, being judgemental, and especially talking poorly about your husband to other people. He told me what to do to get my husband back and i did, he said after 2days my husband will come back to me and start begging, it really happen i was very surprise and very, very happy our relationship was now very tight and we both live happily again. I married her and put up with her mean hateful kids the whole way thinking it would be worth the fight. We've been married for seven years, but together for almost 20, and we have two daughters, Alex, seven, and Holly, five. Just expressing our commitment to each other in a serious, pragmatic way took the cartwheeling emotion and anger out of the situation. He finds ways to go out of his way to encourage her, and sadly, he doesn’t ever demonstrate the same kind of deliberateness with his spouse. For example, a husband who has been secretly having an extra-marital affair….of course he is embarrassed for anyone to find out.
He has done this and is now retreating what where to be our plans to rejoin solely based on his son. I tried for years and years to deal with it as best as I could but I just couldn’t hang around while he willingly knowingly hurt me and broke me down.

Plus he lately refuses to serve God and my 5 year old is constantly asking why doesn’t daddy love God like we do. Submitting doesn’t mean being a doormat or weak, it is a genuine respect for your husband and his role as the spiritual head of the family. If the husband were to act like we do, he’d be considered a verbal and emotional abuser. He makes me feel insignificant, stupid and like I’m there strictly to satisfy him sexually. And you are weary…very, very weary…because you don’t know how to stop the fights, yet you are tired of dealing with nuclear war every night of your life.
There is no physical, immoral interactions, but his verbal affirmations and emotional flirting goes beyond what would safely be deemed as platonic.  Wives are cable of doing this, too.
That man is physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially responsible for that child who is innocent. This morning he kicked a bag of bathroom trash down the steps to the front door (of course almost everything came out of the bag) and it lays on my floor at this very moment. Church discipline, when done in the right way, protects those in the church from each other and from themselves. This is the subject of a new book being written by two women who have faced this question themselves and come to entirely different conclusions. It had got to the stage where one of us would say "good morning" and the other would start snapping that it wasn't said in the right tone of voice.
His son and ex hate me and she has placed a lot of discontent in the sons eyes for me along as my husband with his own family. After years and years, I still love her and pray I will one day be able to win her love again. But the growth and closeness that I’ve had with my spouse has grown since trying to be more like Christ. We spent the first 4 years dealing with his infedilities, 2 years getting back on track and now he is just stuck in a bum like state 10 years later.
It takes stubborn, wayward people and points them to the truth that they cannot live for themselves and live for the devil, and then claim to be Jesus’ followers.
I know some women do clutch a child in each hand and disappear into the night, but you have to pretty much be in fear of your life to do that. You are really good at your job, so you often get praise and affirmation at work, but never at home.
And by god by the time he gets home today I had better have everything cleaned up, in it’s place and dinner cooking just so he can come in and trash it again. He takes his unhappiness with his career choices out on the family but tries to flip it like I am at fault and says I should not complain since I am the one with the education and skills he does not have to make more money.
Women wouldn’t put up with that kind of treatment from their husbands, but we expect our husbands to not only put up with that kind of disrespect but appreciate it.
Well, my husband’s family, his mother particularly continuously oversteps her boundaries and interferes. We are so unhappy and she just won’t admit that her kids need to grow up and stand on their own feet.
Our prayer is that when a man commits in marriage to another woman, the romantic relationship should be reserved for his wife.
It should be taught in bible schools and shouted from the rooftops: no spousal abuse from the pulpit or from the bulletins! Husbands think they get off the hook because of the verses that tell that a woman must submit to her husband.
Both boys are children and my husband and his family remember that his son is a child yet dont seem to acknowledge my sin is a child also.
I was working away a lot, coming home exhausted to a grumpy husband, tired from looking after the children.
And it would have been ludicrous to throw away the relationship - which has plenty of fun and friendship and good parts, as well as the arguments - and the home, and family that we wanted so much and worked so hard for, together, just because we could. Still, the need to minimise the trauma and upheaval for my children offset my compulsion to travel to Heathrow and board a plane. The wife should understand that she is not the child’s mother and should not act like one or try to separate the union that God put together (father, mother and child), and that the mother of the child should know and respect her limits. My husband has certain notions about me and does not trust me and makes no bones about it in letting me know. It almost makes me want to go out and do some of the things he thinks I do wrong so at least I would deserve what I’m getting! But if they understood the verses which talk about how much a husband has to sacrifice for his wife, and the level in which it is to be done, it puts a different spin on the marriage relationship and his responsibilities as a husband. Even if it is true that I have more education, every man can do something to take care of his family and every married man should know carrying for your wife is more than helping with the children now and then.

I can't help wondering if the urge to weigh anchor and "move on" is nowadays more about a false sense of opportunity than anything akin to genuine marital unhappiness.
Not his love replaced over his son but the love that is to be given and its rightful place I need as a wife.
Yes, I have made mistakes, yes, some of them revolved around money and yes although I have not worked in the last approx. Well, maybe not but you know, my gut and my brain and my spirit just cannot take this anymore. Instead his fustration says shut down, leave the house and tell no one where I am going , come home late and get an attitutude if you ask where he was.
More and more divorces seem to hinge on the woman's sense of "life passing me by" or some vague feeling that "things just aren't right somehow". Both my marriages lasted only just over a year, although I was with my first husband for eight years, and my second for two and a half. 8 years, I did contribute a very huge fair share of income from many years early on in our marriage of working and by way of a medical lawsuit award and a rather large inheritance ( large to me anyway and certainly something my mother didn’t have to leave us to enjoy). He benefited greatly from all three of those sources of income (from me) and has yet to show much gratefulness for it. I just know that I’m not alone, in America today and many other countries there are women who have it much worse off then I and we are all left wondering what will come next. I am running out of options and patience to help him but I know I will not give Satan the satisfaction of a divorce. Sometimes I know it is probably me needing to seek God more becuase everything in the natural is saying common sense is to leave and leave fast but God operates in the supernatural so keep us in your prayers. In fact, it upset them so much that Alex made us put the rings on again in front of her and promise "never, ever to not love each other."This made us feel childish, not to mention selfish for having conspired to cause such a traumatic situation.
After my first split, my ex and I had family therapy and we were advised to encourage the children to voice their fears, disappointments and anger. But if I stay, I think it will be an early end for me because the stress is killing my health and my mental state. There are reasons why I wouldn't stay in a marriage - adultery, or if I was emotionally or physically abused, for example.
Rather than working at a difficult marriage, we'd rather throw it away in the hope that there will be something better over the hill. This might sound flippant, but the weight of worry and guilt carried by divorced parents is immense. You can't open a newspaper without reading that children from divorced families do less well at school, are less likely to get married, and are generally traumatised by an event they didn't choose - their parents' split. However much I tell myself the kids are fine, I know my sons would prefer it if their mum and dad were still together. It does all need to be worked at, but that doesn't mean it's particularly hard - for me it means thinking before verbally lashing out. I've noticed that men tend to slam doors and shout when they're bothered by something, while women might cry. How easy to look at the glamour of, say, Victoria Beckham's life, all private jets and vast diamond rings and think: "If only that was me.
I wonder if another guy might have given me that."But you can't forget that David Beckham is not exactly the ideal husband - uprooting the family to a different country every few years for his career, oh, and with a string of women insisting he's had affairs with them. Lust and 'love' are replaced over time by rather less exotic feelings; irritation (the pile of washing he can't put in the basket), boredom (not more rugby on the telly) and disappointment (he hasn't said I'm beautiful in six months). Now, in the era of the working mother, the availability of childcare and the waning of the social stigma of divorce means getting out of an appalling relationship, or even just one where you both feel suffocated by boredom, is a possibility. What we keep reminding ourselves is that every marriage relies on tacit, unromantic deals to survive. We trundle - not unhappily - onwards, in this state of marital understanding which is, in equal amounts, both loving and uneasy.
I look at my mother and her friends who are all in their 70s, and, although some are widowed now, they all stayed married, often in difficult circumstances. It creates problems when you want to start a new one and is a constant reminder of how you have failed.
But then I examine the compromises you seem to have to make to keep a marriage going and, frankly, they are beyond me. He was chiding her gently about an appointment they had and, as she left, she said jokily me: "I must go.

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