Stopping the infatuation with the other guy does not depend on seeing him as a horrible human being; it depends on seeing your husband in the right light, and taking your thoughts captive. It isn’t about whether or not he’d be better with you than with your husband; it’s that you’ve already made a vow to your husband, and to break that would have serious awful consequences.
I’d encourage anyone who is tempted by an emotional affair to set up some serious boundaries and do not let yourself be put in a compromising situation. I would say that the main thing to do is confess your situation to your husband, and seek counseling. As part of backing away from anything inappropriate with my male friend, I asked my husband to work on reconnecting with me .
She relives her husband's betrayal each time he has a social contact with the former object of his affections. Q: I have been married for 14 years and my husband and I have two teenagers - a boy and a girl. PHOTOS: Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner’s Wife Yet there are millions of wives, who for various reasons, have chosen to stay with cheating husbands who have been involved in sexting, emotional infidelity, online affairs, patronizing prostitutes and call girls, repeated extramarital affairs, and other types of sexual or non-sexual infidelity.
Hopefully this, then, will be the nudge to start addressing that problem by going to a counselor, talking to your husband about it, or doing something to change the dynamic. You see your husband’s flaws, and you’re still attracted to him, but that’s because you have decided to love him. Don’t think about how this guy probably snores and farts in his sleep; think about how much you love your husband, and how you will remain faithful.

Last year my husband had an emotional entanglement with a woman who started as a friend who was going through a rough time in her marriage. That was very difficult to take as a husband, but the worst part was having it kept secret from me after the fact, and then being lied to. My husband found out and while the other guy and I have stopped talking periodically and continuing to try to stop its so hard. It seems to me that your husband is doing something different, so it seems as though this other friendship is ending naturally. My husband thinks he talks to me a little too much, so he likes me to only talk to him when he’s around and I comply.
It seems like if your needs will not be met again, even though you love your husband, you might find yourself in this situation again. Although I considered divorcing him more than once, I did not have courage to do so as the company I set up with my husband was successful. I know they are not having a sexual affair because he is impotent (our minimal sex life probably doesn’t help our situation). As you find yourself spending more and more time with your husband, you’ll likely find your attraction to the guy diminishing.
I didn’t tell my husband that, I just said that I didn’t want to think about him dying, and I don’t want him to die, it’s the truth. He was happy in all three marriages, because he decided to love those women and be the best husband he could for them.

You seem torn up about it so I recommend not only reading Merdith’s words about avoiding emotional affairs, but also practice doing these things in your mind.
Seriously, every time you think about this other guy, go text your husband and tell him something new that you love about him.
Stay next to your husband while at church (if you stay at that church) so that you don’t have an opportunity to talk to the other man alone.
Find a way to communicate to your husband your needs as well as practice, practice, practice remembering why you married him. Whenever you think about the other man, purposely replace the thought with a good thought about your husband and your determination to stay true to your marriage.
But don’t spend even one moment asking God to take away feelings without you having to do anything about them.
I know that not all of these actions may be possible, but what I have found is that when you put distance between the person that you think that you are emotionally attracted to, and put your energy into your husband, that attraction wanes.

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