When traveling abroad or even domestically, numerous opportunities abound for meeting the local residents of your destination. Some tour companies offer "off-the-beaten path" excursions that take tourists to sites and attractions most people may not visit, such as local festivals and outskirt towns. If being hosted by a local family for a traditional meal or other visit, always show gratitude for their hospitality and thank them before leaving. Upon arriving at your destination, ask the staff or concierge at your hotel, resort, or lodge where the locals hang out.

While most tourists tend to spend much of their trip exploring big cities, schedule a day or two to stop at smaller towns or suburbs outside the city where more locals are usually found. Various travel communities allow you to use services that locals provide, including accommodation, dining experiences and transport. This is an excellent way to get to interact with locals in an environment much less fast paced than a sprawling urban metropolis.
Don't be hesitant to ask them for suggestions and recommendations on what to visit, where to travel, and where any locally popular attractions are located.

These allow you to immerse yourself into the local culture, and see their lifestyles from a first-hand perspective. If you're invited to attend a meal at a local's home and you don't like what is being served, simply pass when the dish is offered and do not voice your opinion.

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