Perfect Timing for Parental Hugs.(to comfort children following medical treatment)(Brief Article). Reading body language when huggingReading body language: There are many mysteries on this planet that has baffle people and scientists for years and that is understanding or reading the body language when hugging. Ok so the scientists are not baffled in most instances but many times people are in general when it comes to interpreting hugs between people.
Now reading body language when hugging you really have to determine what category the other person falls into for the basic hugs out there. If you would like to learn how to read body language like an expert, this would be your best resource to understand and interpret body language and read situations. As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about reading and interpreting the body language of hugs.

The body language of hugs is a wonderful skill to develop whether it is on a first date or between friends.
Wow, I had no concept there were so many different typs of hugs – you’ve certainly opened my eyes Scott!
If you want to resolve an argument, your body language has to say, "I love you, and I'm listening." Start by taking a few deep breaths. The body language or non verbal cues come from the proximity or distance apart that the people are when giving a full hug.
You would see this type of hug in the news when a Marine or soldier comes home after a long tour and hugs his or her significant other. Reading this body language would give you the idea that the person is an acquaintance or a relatively new friend.

Here, what your body language in some everyday situations might say about your marriage, and how to be sure you're sending your man loving silent messages. Resnick.Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Next, make your body language more friendly. Be wary, too, if he's turning his body away, wearing a glazed expression or darting his eyes around the room. The whole aura is this hag may even mage bystanders who are reading the body language subconsciously uncomfortable.

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