Matt has worked as an editor, writer, ghostwriter and consultant for a number of brands including Yahoo, Business Insider, Wired, GQ, Mr Porter, Square Mile, Huffington Post, the Discover Channel, FHM, Men’s Health and more. Matt helped establish the ShortList brand writing across all formats, be it news, features, interviews, online and our famous Top 10 lists. Whether it’s getting under the skin of professional gamers in California, exploring smartphone addiction, or finding out hacks to improve men’s lives, Matt has never let us down. Matt has consistently delivered quality content across technology, travel, and men’s general interest. Matt is available for freelance commissions, opinion pieces, research, interviews, consultancy and ghost-writing stories. Matt has helped shape the voice for a number of different companies including Provenance, BulletNews, and

Matt has interviewed prime ministers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, medical professionals, scientists, sportsmen and actors. Matt can write tech features or opinion pieces on subjects including emerging technology, startups, consumer trends, and lifestyle pieces. In that time he has worked on the launch of magazines (ShortList, Wired), websites (Mr Porter, Provenance) and ground breaking new formats across tablets and smartphones (Project Magazine, Bullet News). You can either drop Matt an email on the below web form, or try him on any of the social networks listed above. He has been nominated twice for new journalist of the year, with a range of experience across magazines, newspapers, websites and iPad editions spanning eight years. As a freelancer he brought Tony Blair to the pages of the magazine, spent nine months making furniture, and (illegally) climbed Battersea Power Station.

Matt turns around copy very quickly but still manages to maintain a high standard of accuracy and description that our audiences look for. Matt has also worked internationally with brands including GQ, AskMen and Wired Italy to help establish an authoritative tone of voice and taking complex technological issues and making them easier to understand.

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