A note from James Russell Lingerfelt: We took a number of your responses and added them to the comments section below. The power of this article is in the collaborative effort, so feel free to add your own thoughts! Lastly, in my experience watching my parents, if we make the conscious decision to daily place our spouse’s desires and needs above our own, and that’s reciprocated, the marriage will succeed. Care enough to pray for your man; thanking God for the amazing gift of love you have in your arms. What I have to say is this, and keep in mind that I am a husband that does not deserve the title.
Do not expect (or even demand) that they give before you do OR as much as your do, it is the wrong mindset for marriage.
A few are still arguing as they leave the building; others stop before going in while one of them makes a last-ditch plea to save the marriage.
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Many times, we cannot connect or reconnect because we have created a version of them in our mind and hearts that justifies our own weakness.
In order to live long happy lives together you must give 100%, and never trust anyone's advice that is divorced and blames it all on the other party.
The 31-year-old travel agent came out of the Chaoyang office with her now former husband, but they went their separate ways immediately after two years of marriage.

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And seeking counsel from your friends who are your own age isn’t as good as counsel from elderly women. It is important to connect in the bedroom but more importantly to connect outside of it, and in public, it shows the world that the two of you are two as one. Being able to face the past with openness and humility is admirable and not something many can, or even want, to accomplish.
Own your feelings, own your results, meet your own needs, turn to a higher power for what you lack, and allow your higher power to make up for what pain your spouse will cause. If you are sad, happy, scared, or hurt you can convey this through such a simple touch and he can help heal your wounds or share in your joy. According to the new law, residential property is no longer to be regarded as jointly owned and divided equally in the event of a divorce.
Holding hands is the most simple way to communicate, and as we all know every relationship begins with communication. It would be much harder if I was a housewife in the country." There is no doubt that marriage is in crisis in China. For the male-dominated Supreme Court, which features just one woman amongst its 13 judges, the new ruling is a brutal attempt to shore up the crumbling institution of marriage by making divorce less attractive.

But it is not just the young and the metropolitan middle classes who are walking away from wedded bliss. In the first quarter of 2011, the biggest rise in divorces was in the southwestern province of Sichuan and eastern Shandong Province. It's in my husband's name so he and his parents-in-law are saying that under the new law I am not entitled to half of it," said Mrs Zhang.
But as house prices have accelerated, there is now a widespread perception that some women have been marrying solely because they know it will guarantee them the right to half the home's value if they divorce. The Supreme Court doesn't want people to get married just because they can profit if they divorce. But the social security system in China doesn't really exist, so we have to consider how to protect the people who are going to be disadvantaged in a divorce," said Li Mingchun, a law professor at China Women's University in Beijing.

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