To be clear, Dwight Eubanks, known as a huge hairstylist in Atlanta and for his time on Real Housewives of Atlanta, is bisexual, but in 2009 he was out in these streets celebrating a new engagement.
Since leaving RHOA, we haven’t seen much of Eubanks or his fiancee, who is probably his wife now, but if they like it…congrats to them! Comment Disclaimer: Comments that contain profane or derogatory language, video links or exceed 200 words will require approval by a moderator before appearing in the comment section. All these comments and not one is sympathetic towards people who may not be comfortable or even know themselves fully. You know, if the woman gained 90 pounds and didnt wear make up id hang out with my friends more often too. If the black community weren’t so homophobic these brothers could come out as gay and be themselves.
There’s a host of social pressures for Black gay men to marry and stay mostly closeted. From my experiences I find that most black men play around with other men and trannies on the DL. THANK YOU FOR THE ARTICLE THANK YOU FOR BRINGING ATTENTION TO A DEVASTATING REAL TIME SUBJECT.
I feel if people felt they had the support of the community to admit their sexuality; men (and women) would not have to sneak around on the DL. I agree with the gym thing, or if he wears tight muscle shirts like Eddie Long, those are other possibilities.
I was introduced to Darrell* threw the site it was the first time my inbox was filled with a question not concerning fashion, make up or tips.
Darrell: Well the Truth is I will not sit her and say my uncle,father or cousins molested me or came into my room as a child.
The church preaching its hate is responsible for this, forcing people to pretend to be straight whatever the cost. Even if we do not agree with the choices of a group of people we should not condemn them with are words and actions.

Maybe if our community (meaning blacks) weren't so judgmental people can be honest about their sexuality. He explained he only had about a half an hour for the interview before he had to pick his wife up for lunch. Even if you love a person you tell the TRUTH and give them that right to stay or go at no point is it okay to lie,deceive or manipulate a person.
Their point was that although Judy married a bunch of different men, this one was Liza’s dad. At the time i was angry and hurt but after thinking things over I realized that I saw the signs early on.
If your man overly laughs at everything your gay or bisexual male friend or family member says then he could be suspect. Many of us know we have a male friend, or cousin , or maybe co worker that we suspect of being homosexual and the pressure that some of these men under go is insane.
They met every Monday for either lunch or breakfast since moving in and marrying almost ten years ago. Dressed in his and her furs, the woman (who would not be named) seemed smitten with Eubanks, and the two were even pictured kissing. And if you have a relationship with one and you communicate with them well about the boundaries of your relationship, things are so much freeer and better.
Not many because of being osticised like it’s anyone else’s business who they sleep with! Some did during their marriages, others did after the fact, one found out when her husband messed around with her stepfather. I did however find  myself intrigued by the fact the sender was a male and a follower of the blog. The idea that gay people recruit straight people is as stupid a stereotype as thinking that all black men want to rape white women! Also, the gym is another hang out, if he's spending more time at the gym during his spare time, then you may need to accompany him and check things out.

I opened the email to find pictures of a handsome black male in his early 30's clean cut and with a lovely wife and two twin boys. People are selfish they want their cake and ice cream and some more damn cake and I just happened to be one of those people.
I have come across several in my time and they are down right secretive about their love of women. It was the subtitle that shocked me in all capital letters below it stated "I'M LIVING THE AMERICAN DREAM AND LYING ABOUT IT". He agreed to answer any and all question with the understanding his identity will no be revealed. At first touch He was stunned  when Shawn* the guy whom he had worked out with over the past few months stroked his manhood. It wasn't his first or only sexual intercourse with a man along the years Darrell has admitted to having more then 19 sexual partners excluding his wife who he still has sex with without protection. Just like Rock Hudson, known as a ladies man in the movies but behind closed doors, nothing but a man seeker!
I questioned him on the Aids epidemic and why he wouldn't just leave his wife and live life as a gay man. His voice was deep calm and steady I waited to hear a bit of femininity peek threw but there was none.
Darrell was like any man on the street you would see in passing and  nothing of him screamed Gay.

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