There might have been times in the past when you used male psychology without really pondering it. Naturally, True male psychology focuss on the terribly buried hot buttons that are found in most guys.
The power that male psychology has over most guys is often misunderstood and misrepresented by many so called specialists.
Spend a smallamount of time brooding about what you can do and what might work to make him change his mind.

Forget about what he has relatedor done since the breakup and think about him more like a misbehaving child or a badly behaved dog. But if you're attempting to find a simple, hands off yet powerful way to modify your exsmind and have him come running back to you begging you for another chance then using male psychology can take all of the guess work out of getting him back.
Things that you might think arefoolish or might never work but that talk to the emotionalside of his brain and are present in a guys mental makeup and are such an ingrained part of your exs psychologicalmakeup that he most likely doesnt even give them a lot of thought as he goes about his every day life. Sometimes this means being a littlebit manipulative and using male psychology to get your ex to switch his mind.

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