Keep in mind these are only guidelines and suggestions, every person is different -- compare body language observations to base behavior before drawing serious conclusions.
Decoding body language is important nearly every day, from judging whether the hottie at the bar is a potential partner to deciding whether the boss is upset and why. Research has also indicated that women and men don’t just communicate differently with their bodies; there’s also a difference in how well the two genders are able to pick up on body language cues. Reading the body lanaguage of men part 3Reading Body language: Understanding and interpreting or reading the body language of men can be used to determine if he is interested in you as in flirting, help you know if you are being seduced or it can even help you in negotiating in a business setting. Nonverbally the body says more than you would think and many times these automatic gestures or actions will allow you to read his body language quickly and effectively. The last three items while reading his body language to gain an upper hand are not always as easy as the first six. Take for instance the proximity or distance in a crowded situation people will have to be closer like at a busy bar setting the distance of his bell bubble closer than normal and this may also determine how far his hands can move away from his body. Another place where you can have some issues while reading and deciphering the body language of men is when you look at his posture: What if he has a medical condition and you make a snap judgment if he is showing confidence but because of an injury or something similar you read him and determine his body language is saying something else. There is one rule that covers all the others and that is take you time to determine what his body language his saying by base lining or watching him for a few seconds or meanings to see his routines and normal actions. You may also have some unconscious reactions to these nonverbal cues and not really understand why unless you have previously looked into reading body language. As always I would like to thank you in advance for your comments and or questions about reading body language. I like how you are looking at the whole body not just the face or just the feet…I thinkyou get a more accurate reading that way.

Thanks for the additional detail on reading body language of men who have had injuries that might affect their posture. Men are at times not even aware of the fact that their flirting body language is very obvious. Chest: Another nuance that comes from the need of proving (to you and to the other males around) that HE is the alpha when it comes to you is that his chest will be slightly out when he stands or walks around you.
Body language differences between genders, however, can make the task of reading body language difficult and frustrating since men and women tend to communicate messages differently.
This is often seen as submissive; a woman might cross her legs and arms, making her body appear smaller, where a man would stand with his legs farther apart and seem larger.
Perhaps unsurprisingly to some, women can read others’ body language better than men can, no matter which gender they’re interacting with. Factors such as hunger, tiredness, illness, and more can obscure body language, so if you really need to get to the bottom of how someone feels, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Now this does depend upon the situation as does reading and interpreting most body language actions. If the chin is too far up at may be a sign of arrogance or a stiff neck so you may want to save this body reading action for last. Seemingly inconsequential actions can be a sign that he's interested in you and is subliminally flirting with you.
Men use touching, as well, but in many cases it’s a male of ‘higher position’ who will touch a subordinate during conversation than vice versa.
Women who are aggressive may break from this gender-dictated body language role, though, and sit or stand more expansively; this indicates that a woman has no difficulty in an assertive or dominant position.

Interestingly, one study found that men who work in fields where a high degree of empathy is needed, such as nursing, could read body language cues about as well as women. Of course, men use touching when flirting, too, another sign that indicates interest along with smiling. Men who are confused about the body language signals women (or other men) are sending might be encouraged to work harder at paying attention to the signals being sent. All of these items play into what reaction his body will show and can help you determine what he is saying nonverbally.
If he is interested he may lean his head in towards you while flirting but this may also happen if he is angry.
So, where a woman would mirror both a female friend and a love interest, a male would generally speak to a male friend and save the mirroring for flirting.
Reading body language is not always an exact mathematical formula meaning A+B = C it can be far more complicated than that. Fidgeting with his hair, brushing off dust from his pants, etc., are all subtle, not necessarily intentional signs of using body language to flirt.

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