The 21st century has seen a whole new way for people to cheat on their spouses and significant others: sending nude pics on smartphones.
The college guy looks a little dweeb-y, while the real guy is sexy.A little scruff can go a long way for a guy, and that older look can be refreshing to collegiettes.
They're usually the simple, feminine behaviors that come naturally to you, like the way you primp for a night out or call your guy by a cute pet name. She is originally from New Jersey, and has loved living in Atlanta for the past three years.
My friends and I in high school were too nerdy and self-conscious to showВ midriff, but when one of my roommates offered to lend me a bold black and white tribal crop top as we headed out to one of our first frat parties, I decided to try it out.
One morning this fall, the three of us roomies were getting ready for class to a playlist titled “Angry 2000s Music,” which my friends and I made in high school.
My friends and I growing up were all kind of English and history people, and we didn’t care too much for philosophy. My girlfriends and I all learned how to make out from the same February 2009 issue of Seventeen Magazine, so we all had the same moves in high school. It can be scary to live with people you’ve never met and know nothing about, but when they turn out to be fabulous, you realize people overall aren’t too shabby.

But rather than allow them to keep those thoughts under wraps, we got a bunch of dudes to spill what girlie moves make them weak in the knees. Then one afternoon, my fiancГ©e came over with cleaning supplies and performed an extreme makeover. My girlfriend has all these scented candles that make her place look and smell so inviting. Of course I made fun of her for tearing up, but it was endearing that she got so emotional. When I came home, I was shocked that my girlfriend had gone out and bought me two replacement pairs. I know she does that just for me because the few times we hooked up totally spontaneously, she wasn't wearing the s#xy, lacy stuff. Lauren thinks most fondly of her two favorite places - her childhood camp, Camp Wayne for Girls, and Margate on the Jersey shore - from which she has derived a love of friends, family, and the beach.
It turns out I’m a midriff-baring kind of person, something that never would have come up had I stayed with my high school friends. Tuning various guitars and clarinets over the years meant we could stay on key with a simple melody pretty well, but humming along to Regina Spektor while reading about the Chicano Movement with my choir kid roommate has taught me how to sing chord tones and harmonies.

The conversations at 11 pm on Thursday nights in which my roomies and I debriefed about the week’s hookups in the comfort of our pajamas in between sips of mugfuls of Izze soda gave me tips to try out the next week and consequently more stories for the following Thursday’s debriefing session. When you move in with a stranger, you don’t have a relationship to lose, and you fight freely. That’s the real reason for choosing to live with random roommates – you grow to admire them for being great in so many ways different than what you’re used to. My roommates pointed out the harmful double standard the word “bitch” perpetuates, something my high school friends and I had never realized.
But when you realize that complete strangers are actually just as neurotic as you, you learn to not feel any weaker for being emotional.

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