English Hindi Dictionary and Translation with PicturesDaily Vocab is a place where memes(funny images) teach Word Power.We help you to learn new words in a world’s most innovative and funniest way. Say "Main tumse pyar kartha hoon." Though there are several ways to say "I love you" in Hindi, this phrase is one simplest and easiest to learn. Note that this phrase works not just when speaking romantically to a female, but also when expressing your love to a male, like, for instance, a brother, son, friend, etc. Listen for "Mai bhee aap se pyaar karthee hoon." If you've gotten your point across, you may hear your sweetheart say something like this phrase back to you. Say "Main tumse pyar karthee hoon." If you're a woman or girl, the way you say "I love you" is very similar to (but not exactly the same as) the way a boy or man says it.
Listen for "Mai bhee aap se pyaar kartha hoon." Again, if you've said the phrase above correctly and your significant other feels the same way about you as you do about him, you'll probably hear something like this back. Try using different Hindi words for "love." Like English speakers sometimes use terms like "adoration, "affection," and so on, Hindi has multiple words that mean "love" (or a similar idea).

Add "bahut" to say "I love you very much." If you really want to express your love for someone else, try adding the word "bahut" before "pyar" in the standard "I love you" phrases above. If, as a native English speaker, you try to pronounce the phrase above as written, your significant other will probably understand what you're trying to say, but you'll almost certainly mess up some small part of the pronunciation. Because the masculine and feminine phrases for "I love you" are so similar, you can use the pronunciation guide above to help you for every word except "karthee." Here, you'll want to use the same soft "th" sound as above, but, obviously, you'll follow it with an "ee" sound, rather than an "ah" sound. If you'd like, you can change the meaning of your phrase slightly by using different terms for love. Hindi, like many other languages (including Spanish), uses different words for formal and casual situations.
If you've got serious feelings for someone but you're not quite ready to make the jump to a full-blown serious relationship, you'll probably want to spend some time dating this person before you tell them you love them. However, in recent years, young Indians and expats have increasingly begun to adopt Western-style attitudes to dating.

In Hindi, there are several ways to say "I love you" — on top of this, the words that men and women use to say this phrase are slightly different.[1] Luckily, whether you're a man or a woman, the phrases themselves aren't terribly difficult. As a general rule, most masculine verbs in Hindi end with "a", while most feminine verbs end with "ee".
The phrase for "I love you" above is to be used for people you're close and familiar with — people like your significant other, siblings, children, and so on. Thus, if you're a male, you'll use the masculine verb "kartha", rather than the feminine verb "karthee" in the phrase above.

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