Thinking about how much you wish you were a part of his life, but you know you never will be. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Maybe you think you know what love is, but it’s possible your perspective is limited.
Scroll through this collection and find out what some of the most famous things ever said about love are.
Just the other day I kind of said this random prayer that God would give us a CS Lewis type person for our generation.

You might know something about love, but just from your point of view and your experiences. You’ll marvel at the simplicity and the fact that somehow you ever thought about it that way before, even though it makes so much sense! It’s time to step out and learn a little bit about what other people think about love too, so you have really know as much as possible about it! Don’t keep all of this to yourself though, send it out to your friends and family as well. When you learn more about love, you’ll be able to act on the new knowledge as well as your current knowledge to make the person you love absolutely feel loved and cared for.

Every time a child separates just a tiny bit more, he or she will have to cope with a small loss. Also there is a significant increase in activity, in the bilateral anterior temporal structures, however this was attributed to film-induced emotions.
When some individuals feel sad, they may exclude themselves, in doing so they take time to recover from this feeling.

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