Helium Music Manager 2009 is now available and has been rated by our existing customers as the most complete and stable version released so far! Helium Music Manager 2009 comes with a fresh and modern look, easy for anyone to use and will continue to help you manage your ever growing music library.
Many customers have requested iPod support - we listened and added support for browsing, playing and synchronizing your iPod. Alternative ways to browse your music has always been our pro - we give you the Coverflow and Album Details view. The threshold for learning how to use the program efficiently has been too high - we have worked hard with usability in this release and it is now easier to reach the most wanted functions.
New view - Album Details: This view enables you to view your music as album covers together with their associated tracks at the same times.
New view - Album Carousel: This view enables you to view your music as album covers in a manner similar to iTunes coverflow. An improved Music Browser: The Music Browser (previously known as the Music Information Browser) has now got new colors and some layout changes to match the new GUI design. When you add Audio CDs to your Helium Music Manager library, a duplicate check is now performed to avoid adding duplicate Audio CDs to your library. FACT is looking for a US-based social media manager - FACT Magazine: Music News, New Music. A lot of artiste out there are looking for good managers but can’t afford to pay for the services & most of the time they end up falling in the wrong hands . Managing an artiste’s career requires patience and understanding of that person’s behavior and attitude. Managing an artiste requires a good communication skill, that is interacting with people of all personality as you are bound to come across different people with pleasant & some unpleasant behaviors’ In most circumstances . Build and maintain a network of contacts, that means calling on your contacts for assistance when you need it but it also means offering help when they don’t expect it.

NOTE: The information and views set out in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official opinion ofВ В Africa Music Lawв„ў orВ its founder. Hi Uduak after Reading this article i found out some unsigned artist do not know the role of an artiste manager in their career. It can be a slow process, but it will eventually pay off, if the artists are serious about their music. You can also browse your device directly from the Music Explorer (previously known as the Music Library), manage playlists, copy files from and to your device as well as perfect handling of On-The-Go playlists.
We have added iPod synchronization, improved the picture handling when synchronizing Plays For Sure devices and also added the capability to always transcode tracks. Most people claim to be managers but are only there to mis-manage the artiste & care for their selfish needs. The manager is the person who consults with the act on decisions and deals with the other members of the team on behalf of the act.
The music business is one where egos thrive, with many trying to be “somebody” or trying to assert that they already are somebody .
Remember Leadership is an important skill of a Manager at the beginning of an Artiste’s career or at the beginning of the Artiste-manager relationship. You the manager may be the publicist but it’s advisable you hire a Publicist or PR (public relations).
I came back to Nigeria to get into the business just to do some research and i came across an artist who i was interested in working with in terms of management. Another new feature is embedded video support in the Music Browser; you can now link YouTube videos directly to an artist and have them displayed and played in the Music Browser. The manager is in charge of the day to day running of the business for the act, including promotional strategy, ,accounting and making key career decisions for the act. Give yourself a good self-assessment by looking at the strengths you have and how you will use those to the best advantage of yourself and your artiste & remember under every circumstance, act and be professional.

The influence of an Artiste Manager on the early planning and development of an artiste’s career is what helps the artiste develop a focus and an organized purpose. A PR person is responsible for getting every tidbit of publicity about your act to the media whether it be Online Promotion ,TV, radio, magazine or newspaper. We talked and when i told the artist my plan the artist began requesting astronimical things like he wants a car, a flat to be paid for and and a monthly financial upkeep.
The search in the Music Browser has also been extended to work in a similar fashion to the Search View (normal mode). The general purpose of the manager is to handle all aspects of an act’s business so the act is free to concentrate solely on performing & making good delivery . He will work closely with you the manager to obtain exposure for your act through Publications, interviews, press releases, and personal appearances for promotional considerations.
A hit single that is on high rotation online ,on radio and tv attracts the attention of promoters, meaning the manager no longer makes calls for bookings, they automatically come due to the artist’s popularity and relevance. She has counseled a range of clients from businesses to musicians, labels and record label executives, models, actors and actresses to designers on numerous areas of the law including contracts, copyright, trademark i.e.
This topic centers on both becoming a good manager & also the challenges faced altogether . A hit song must not be a danceable song like Iyanya’s kukere,let take for example Banky W’s “Strong Thing” , Wizkid’s Holla at your Boy , Patoranking’s Giriie O . Many people have the talent, some have more than others do, but being successful in the music industry is based on more than just talent. Now take for instance Sauce Kid (Sinzu )“ You Don dey Madt” & then you will agree with me that it was a very unserious song that made a hit .

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