This is all over the internet by now, but I thought I would go ahead and make an informational posting here as well. I realize I haven’t been blogging about any games in quite a while, which is mostly due to the fact that I no longer have the free time I once had, and also partly due to the fact that my interest in the game market had waned a little. Enough chatter about the 3DS itself, it’s time to talk games, and first up I want to talk about Animal Crossing 3DS. What we can glean so far from the information given and things speculated on by watching the videos is that you will be able to be mayor of your town, and you will have a secretary who presumably will help you accomplish certain tasks, as that is generally what secretaries do.
I think I wrote about this game before, so I won’t go into much game play specifics, but here is an overview. When I stumbled upon the scant amount of information for this game I became instantly excited.

So far those are the five titles I am keeping an eye out for, but of course with a little more research and time to blog, I’m sure I could expand on this list. Anyhow, overall the game looks gorgeous and the battle system seems way better than previous incarnations of this series. I thought I would make a little translated tutorial of sorts to help those who would like to try out the Japanese online Harvest Moon game.
Liam Hemsworth met up with Miley Cyrus yesterday for an affectionate lunch date near her Toluca Lake home just outside LA. Liam and Miley are back on the West Coast following their Midwest getaway, and Liam's still sporting his much darker The Hunger Games hair color. Fans of the series got a glimpse of more photos of Liam, as Gale, Jennifer Lawrence, and Josh Hutcherson in newly released pictures from the film.

Meanwhile, Miley recently wrapped up her Gypsy Heart tour in Liam's home country of Australia last month, and now she's gearing up for a new big-screen endeavor. Miley's starring in and coproducing an untitled comedy with her mom, Tish, in addition to promoting her upcoming Fall releases LOL and So Undercover.

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